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The NSW Government has drafted a transport plan designed to address mobility needs as people age as part of the Future Transport 2056 framework.  

Bicycle NSW is pleased to see government planning for more inclusive transport and has made a submission calling for safe, separated infrastructure of a quality that makes bike riding accessible for and appealing to older riders.

“We are encouraged by the plan’s support for bike riding as part of people enjoying active aging, but for many NSW communities the infrastructure doesn’t exist to support this yet,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

Bicycle NSW is encouraging BUGs, members and anyone with an interest in healthy aging to make their own submissions, highlighting the needs and concerns most relevant to their community.

“Government needs your help to understand and plan for your needs, so that you and your family can stay active, healthy and independent for as long as possible,“ said Bastien.

Submissions must be made by 31st January 2019, and contact details are provided at the end of the draft plan.

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