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Jessica Barker presented a future perspective of transport and bike riding to the City of Sydney as part of a Citizens’ Jury on December 5th, 2019.

Jessica is a 23 year old commuter and a road cyclist, who rides to UNSW every weekday along busy Sydney roads.
Her childhood memories include travelling to school with her little brother on her father's bike in Adelaide.  However living in Paris has provided Jessica with an insight into how well a major city can work, when fewer people drive cars.

It’s 2050. Imagine your commute into the city:

You’re coming over the bridge – you’ve caught the train to Wynyard, you walk out of the station, and the noises you hear are bustling chatters of people, birds, and bike bells. The trees are surrounding you forming a large canopy, and you smile and take a deep breath of clean air as you join the flurry.

Or maybe you’re coming from Glebe or Redfern or Potts Point or Alexandria – you have the choice of buses (now incredibly efficient) or bicycle (now incredibly safe on the roads and easy, given the showers and lockers in your workplace)

Coming from further and trains easily connect your journey.


Click here to keep reading her presentation.

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