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Transport for NSW is in the process of updating their Trip Planner for bike riders. With 3 different trip options available for every bike route, they’re hoping to receive feedback from you, our reliable bike riders, to make the mapping better for everyone. 

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The three sections include: 

Easier: Choose this option if you are new to riding a bike, a young rider or would just prefer an easier route that avoids hills and busy roads, where possible.

Moderate: If you are an intermediate cyclist who doesn’t mind the occasional hill and are comfortable riding on most roads to save some time, then choose this option.

More direct: For experienced cyclists who can handle steeper hills and navigate busy roads, this will provide the most direct route and quickest travel time.

How to give feedback  

We encourage you to use the Transport’s Trip Planner for a few routes that you ride often. Have a look at the three different routes and make notes of anything you would recommend changing. 

Open the link here and click on the bike to see the route options.  You can provide your feedback straight to Transport for NSW via this short survey.

“There are many types of riders across NSW with many different skill levels. It’s great to see options being made available for all types of riders to help them get to their destination safely,” commented Alistair Ferguson, Bicycle NSW CEO. 

We encourage you to share the map and survey with your riding network so we can help make the Trip Planner as accurate and safe as possible for bike riders. 

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