The NSW Government recently released an update on the status of the Inner West Light Rail Extension.  This update includes information that affects the Greenway and the City West Cycle Link projects.

The community has already heard the bad news that the Greenway is being deferred to allow the Inner West Light Rail project to be delivered quicker.  However, the June update includes a number of more-positive indications.

For example, “the Government will consider alternative options for the design of the shared path, and  assess the viability of the City West Cycle Link proposal and alternative parallel improvements, as components of a Cooks River – Iron Cove – White Bay link in Sydney’s active transport network”.  It is very promising to see that the City West Cycle Link has been added to the NSW Government’s vocabulary, indicating that this excellent proposal is gaining traction as a concept.

It is also great to see that the Government is committing to an approach that ensures that, “construction of the light rail extension now will not preclude the later construction of a shared path”.

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