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A member commenting on social media compared our efforts to improve the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange, to the labours of Sisyphys-  Greek mythology’s metaphor for a hopeless task.

Rozelle Interchange Problems

Constant Issues For Bikes

Just when we think we’ve made progress in the uphill battle, another round of photos or batch of emails arrives. Bicycle NSW, together with members of the Inner West Bike Coalition, has worked hard to try to make this project better and to change the way infrastructure projects are designed in the future for bike riders.

Making NSW better for all bicycle riders is a big job and means Bicycle NSW invests time in improving project plans through submissions.  We also engage directly when the safety and amenity for bike riders during construction falls short of the standards and guidelines the NSW Government and Austroads set down.

Bike Hazards In Construction Projects

We don’t succeed in getting everything we ask for but we have seen an unsafe, multi-stage crossing revised, dual lanterns added to enable bike riders to cross without dismounting at some crucial intersections, and we look forward to more improvements to sight-lines, visibility and wayfinding.

This project with its many sites and stages is complicated enough to understand, much less ride.  Whilst we issue warnings of changes, storms and rain can cause delays.  We have asked that more QR codes be provided on signs, linking to current maps, to help you navigate.

With COVID-19 check-ins most of us have had to practice using our phone camera to take us to information.  But if you haven’t, we have included a Bicycle NSW QR Code for you to practice on.  Just open your phone’s camera application, hover over the code and tap the link it generates that will take you to part of our website.

QRE Code

“Sometimes our jobs, and doubtless your ride, can feel impossible,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“We will keep trying and we will aim to get the lessons learned on this project implemented on others across NSW,” said Bastien.

Our member survey showed that many of the members who miss out on up to date information don’t follow us on social media.  If you use Facebook or Twitter we encourage you to follow us so we can share articles, alerts to improve your journey and opportunities to comment on plans to make your ride better.

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