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It is with great sadness that Bicycle NSW announces the passing of Ray Rice OAM.

Ray Rice and his wife, Sue as his OAM Award Ceremony in April

In April, we celebrated when Ray was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his many years of service to bike riders and the wider community. 

Ray’s expertise as an engineer was invaluable in shaping how we advocate for safety and quality standards that meet the needs of bike riders.  When preparing submissions or advocating, we regularly refer to our ‘Ray’s Corner’ resources dedicated to engineering for bicycle riders.

These resources were developed to help everyone identify good infrastructure, and what needs to change. Replacing demands for change with explanations of where the required standards fall short, and how they need to be fixed, has greatly increased the impact and success of Bicycle NSW.

We appreciate Ray’s legacy will be felt by generations of riders to come, and on behalf of Bicycle NSW, its Members, Board, and the beneficiaries of his work, we share our condolences with his family and friends.

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