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Wagga Wagga will be home to over 56km of cycle path by the end of 2021, making the city host to the largest regional cycling network anywhere in Australia.

About The Network

The 56km network of dedicated cycling paths was designed to link all corners of Wagga Wagga to the CBD in order to encourage more active travel around the city.

The Integrated Transport Strategy identified the barriers for residents to cycle more and the location council set to overcome these to completely transfer the way people move about Wagga Wagga. 

Five years later and their extensive cycling network encourages more people in Wagga Wagga to actively travel around the city. The cycleways link north to south, and east to west to ensure the entire city can be safely travelled on a bike. 

Two end of trip facilities have also been built at the Oasis and Visitor Information Centre in order to provide bike storage and shower facilities. This has further helped overcome barriers to cycling by providing safe storage and hygiene areas so people can change and prepare for work, education, etc. 

Overall, the cycling network has seen more adults ride to work, more kids ride to school and increased numbers of residents cycling recreationally around town for fitness and health. 

Funding and History 

Back in 2016, Wagga Wagga’s Integrated Transport Strategy was picked as one of the ‘Premier’s Priorities’ programs aimed at improving the community’s lifestyle, while promoting health benefits such as cycling, walking and jogging.

Since then, over $16.7 million has flowed into the project to develop Wagga Wagga into a thriving centre of active transport opportunities.


“We are thrilled to see Wagga Wagga developed into a booming bike riding community. When the infrastructure is built, bike riders will come,” said Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender. 

If you would like to see more bike riding infrastructure in your area, we encourage you to reach out to your local BUG, council and MP to promote the many benefits of bike riding. 


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