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If the unfortunate has happened, we want to help you get your bike back. It can be a stressful time, so we have outlined a few different approaches you can try to get your bike back.

We also have an article on how to prevent bike theft to help stop this stressful time happening to you again.

Pre-emptive Measures

Take Photos Of Your Bike

We all like to take pictures of our bike but do not share them on social media (unless you have set privacy settings to friends only). 

But do take pictures of your bike so you know exactly what it looks like, including any modifications that you have made. It makes it easier to identify your bike should it be stolen. For instance, if your bike ends being sold online, visual cues can help in tracing your bike.

National Bike Register

We recommend that you register your bike with BikeVAULT. BikeVAULT’s National Bike Register (NBR) is a free community service where bike owners can enter their bike’s details. In case your bike gets stolen, it can be tracked and returned to you (the owner). 

BikeVAULT combines the forces of industry – Crime Stoppers, the Police, bike owners and the wider community – to expose and defeat the illicit trade in stolen bikes.

A major part of BikeVAULT’s success is its large social media following. This ever growing community helps bring awareness to the stolen bikes by having spotters who trawl for and report stolen bikes found for sale online and at second-hand dealer premises.  

The power of an informed community cannot be overestimated.  Prior to the launch of this register, stolen bikes were easy to sell for quick profits with perpetrators having little fear of the stolen bike being identified and them being caught.  Removing the pathways to safely sell and profit from stolen property is the ultimate deterrent to profit driven theft. 

Insure Your Bike

For your peace of mind, we also recommend having bike insurance in case your bike is stolen. 

Through our partner, Oz Bike Insurance, you can now cover your bike in the case of theft or other events (fire, flood, storm) at home from as little as $1.32 a week. You can also take out optional cover for accidental damage and theft anywhere in Australia.

Report The Theft To The Police

Lots of people think that there is no point in reporting the theft of a bike to the police but the police occasionally find stolen bikes and a report will make it easier (for them) to return it to the rightful owner.

To report a stolen bike, we recommend using the NSW Police Force Community Portal Theft Report.

Search Online

People share details of their stolen bike in certain Facebook Groups (such as the ones provided by Bike Vault but also other Facebook groups). Then it is good to have a look on sites such as Gumtree, eBay, Facebook Marketplace to see if someone happens to be trying to sell your bike.

Buying A Second Hand Bike

When buying a second hand bike it is important to do proper research so a buyer does not inadvertently end up buying a stolen bike (which keeps bike theft going).
Some things to check before buying a second hand bike:
  • Google the name of the seller. Are they on Strava?
  • Is the seller on Facebook and has pictures of him/herself and the bike on their page (many bike riders do).
  • Can the seller provide more pictures, preferably of themselves with the bike.
  • Can the seller tell something about the bike: what is best about the bike, how does it handle corners, what are the brakes like, have they done any customisation, did they buy it from new, where from? Why are they selling? If buying a new bike: what bike have they bought?
  • Can they provide a manual and proof of payment?
Never transfer money as a deposit. That's a red flag.
Also do a Google search using a picture of the bike that is for sale. If it pops up on different sites, different dates and across the country, it is probably stolen and / or the 'seller' does not have the bike at all but is just after a deposit and then takes that ad down.

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