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Not sure what to pack when going out for a ride? Don't want to be lugging around a heavy bag? Here are 10 essential items to bring along when on a bike ride, without weighing you down.

1. Backpack

Buying a durable backpack is key to withstand adverse weather conditions or any damage on your rides, and is especially handy as it is convenient to wear on your back without the worry of attaching fixings to your bike to hold your bag.

A tip when purchasing a backpack is to find one with reflective panels to make sure you are visible on the road, and one without long cords which can get caught in your tyres.

2. Waterbottle 

Ensure that you always have a water bottle on hand to avoid dehydration and keep your energy levels up on long or short bike rides.

People normally underestimate how draining a bike ride can be, especially on hot, summer days. You can buy a water bottle cage at any bike store, making it easy to attach to your bike to lighten the load of your bag.

3. Sun Protection

Rain, hail or shine, it is important to make sure you are protecting yourself from harmful UV rays.

When going on a bike ride, particularly during Summer, lather yourself in sunscreen, pop on a hat and some sunglasses to keep you sun safe.

4. Small first aid kit 

It is always better to be safe than sorry, this is why it is key that you carry a first aid kit every time you ride. We have listed 10 things here to have in your first aid kit. 

A first aid kit is not only for any accidents that you might be in, but if you encounter any injured cyclists, you have a kit at hand. 

5. Insurance 

We never want something to happen when riding, but as a Bicycle NSW Member we have your back if something does. As  member you will receive the best comprehensive insurance available for NSW bike riders. 

6. Energy snacks and Electrolyte drinks 

Who doesn’t love a snack? A snack is important to pack on a long bike to make sure to keep your energy levels up.

The best snacks for a bike ride are bananas! Their potassium and carbohydrates are great for fuelling your muscles, as well as a trail mix or some energy bars.

Energy drinks, while not ideal, can also help refuel any electrolytes lost in sweat. The bonus with bringing along some snacks is that they don’t take up much room and are quick and easy to eat- they’ll get you back up and riding in no time!

7. Pump or Mini inflator

Carrying a pump in your bag may not seem like a good idea, but these are vital for any long bike ride. A flat tire can happen and you want to be prepared in case it does.

A mini bike pump or inflator is small enough to fit in your pocket or it can be attached to your bottle cage with some clips.

Quick tip, don’t just pack a pump without knowing how to use it. 

8. Mobile Phone

Make sure you have a charged mobile phone with you, especially for long bike rides in remote locations.

Off-road trails are notorious for accidents, having your mobile phone on you allows you to call emergency services if you are in any trouble.

Another bonus of bringing your phone is to take awesome photos of the places you visit on your bike ride.

9. Patch Kit

A patch kit is one of those things that you never think you’ll need it until you do.

These are handy for any damage to your bicycle’s tubes which requires a quick fix. Filled with the essentials, a patch kit usually contains adhesive and a couple of patches, to get your puncture repaired for the ride home. However, it is best to replace a punctured bike tube when possible.

10. Headlight

Make yourself noticeable on the road with a headlight!

Riding on the road can be a risk, especially at night on low-lit roads, so wear a headlight to ensure that you are seen.

Not only this, but a headlight is can help you to see the road at night to avoid any obstacles or rough terrain. These headlights can be attached to your helmet and can be purchased at different strengths, so choose the headlight which suits your needs.

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