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Our phones and email are running hot with people asking where they can ride under COVID-19 restrictions, so Bicycle NSW will try to answer.

Bike fallen over on road

State and federal governments have made it clear we can’t head to the country, interstate or overseas on holiday.  The rules for NSW do allow people to leave home to exercise, and you may do so with one other person or with the family members you live with.

If the person you exercise with is not from your family household, you still need to practice physical distancing.  Solo riding is great, but in some areas it may be safer to ride with a friend.

Can I put the bike on the back of the car and drive somewhere to go for a ride?

The key message is don’t go far.  Many riders live on busy motorways and can’t cycle safely from home to the local park.  

If loading bikes onto the car enables you to access a safer place to exercise in your area, it seems to fit the rules.  Heading to a safer place with less traffic should also reduce the risk of injuries which could add to the burden on health workers.

If the park is crowded when you get there, you need to head home or choose another local park. Centennial Park and some national parks have gone car-free over the Easter holidays to improve rider and pedestrian safety and discourage overcrowding.

Many NSW beaches are closed, and adjacent parking is also at risk of closing.  Your local Council’s website will have information on what’s open and closed in your area.

“We’re encouraged by all the questions riders are asking and the effort everyone is making to follow the rules and beat COVID-19,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Bicycle NSW wishes you a safe and happy Easter and we will do our best to support you,” said Bastien.

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