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Access to worldwide comprehensive bike riding insurance, legal assistance, your say in advocacy projects and discounted event entries with Bicycle NSW.

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Bicycle NSW is here to make cycling easier, safer and (even) more enjoyable. Whether you ride a bike for fitness, recreation or commuting, Bicycle NSW has you covered. We are the peak advocacy body in NSW for recreational bike riders and offer worldwide insurance to protect you when on the bike.  We want you to have fun on the bike, while we handle the rest.


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With annual events like Spring Cycle and Gear Up Girl
to regular maintenance workshops and skill rides, you can cycle with us all year round.

Latest News

Trek Bicycle Product Recall

Trek Bontrager Line Pro flat bicycle pedals (aftermarket only) Pedals may have a manufacturing defect which causes the spindles to be brittle. This may cause one or both of the spindles to break. If the spindle breaks, the pedal…

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Reducing Speed Limits

Recent speed limit reductions in parts of Melbourne and Brisbane recently are expected to improve community safety and wellbeing.   Brisbane City Council will reduce the speed limit to 40km/h around dozens of suburban shopping and dining precincts….

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Cycling can take you anywhere

Last week Member, Katie Banerjee, came third in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Italy, after only starting to ride 3 years ago. An amazing achievement! We caught up with Katie after her race to explore her…

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A greener perspective on Roads, Maritime and Freight in NSW

In last Friday’s budget estimates hearing on proposed expenditure for Roads, Maritime and Freight (Minister Melinda Pavey’s department), The Hon. Cate Faehrmann MP asked questions on safety, infrastructure funding, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Ramp and positive provisioning for…

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Building a Safer NSW

NSW is experiencing a construction boom, and whether it’s residential, commercial, roads or rail, most communities are impacted and it’s set to continue for decades.  Bicycle NSW has been working to improve the safety of construction planning and…

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Children’s Inactivity Levels

Children need at least one hour of physical activity each and every day for good health. However, currently 71% of children are insufficiently active to achieve this. With most children living within 2 kilometres of their school gate,…

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The Greens support cycling in NSW

The Hon. Cate Faehrmann MP, the Greens Member of the Legislative Council, asked a number of important questions for people who ride bikes in last Friday’s examination of proposed spending for the transport and infrastructure portfolio. The Hon….

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Congestion in NSW

Car usage has expanded exponentially in Australia since World War II.  At the same time trams were removed from cities, like Sydney, and active transport declined. Congestion costs Sydney $6.1 billion dollars annually, rising to $12.6 billion by…

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Minimum Passing Distance Enforcement

Bicycle NSW successfully campaigned for the Minimum Passing Distance (MPD) law as a way to improve rider safety on our roads. Many road users make room for riders, but we all rely on police to enforce the laws…

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Choosing the healthiest way to move

How we choose to travel can make a big difference to our health, quality of life and life expectancy.  Media reports of accidents may lead people to avoid cycling and active transport, which have enormous health benefits. Only…

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