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Let Bicycle NSW advocate on your behalf for positive bike riding policies, education campaigns and an increased safe cycling network.

Additionally, all Members receive worldwide comprehensive bike riding insurance and legal assistance.
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Bicycle NSW is here to make cycling easier, safer and (even) more enjoyable. Whether you ride a bike for fitness, recreation or commuting, Bicycle NSW has you covered.

We are the peak advocacy body in NSW for recreational bike riders and offer worldwide insurance to protect you when on the bike.  We want you to have fun on the bike, while we handle the rest.


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With annual events like Spring Cycle and Gear Up Girl
to regular maintenance workshops and skill rides, you can cycle with us all year round.

Latest News

Lifesaving Journalism

The way journalists report crashes involving bike riders is a story of missed opportunities to save lives. Angie Schmitt points out in Six Ways the Media is Still Blaming the Victim that when drivers hit and kill people…

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Sharing a safe pedal

Choosing to ride a share bike is a great way to move.  Here are some steps to help ensure you have a good ride. You’ll have to sign up to an app to unlock the bike, and it…

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Bicycle NSW joins Police in calling for people to be safe on our roads

Bicycle NSW is calling for everyone to look out for each other on the road. Summer brings an increase in road travel as people head off on holidays, and also in the numbers of people driving and riding…

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Bikes and Buses

Representatives of Bicycle NSW, the Amy Gillett Foundation, the Motorbike Council of NSW and BIKEast joined with Sydney Buses staff at Randwick Bus Depot to share safety messages Saturday, December 15. The absence of separated bike infrastructure in…

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Rat Pack Cycling Club

Rat Pack Cycling Club started with a group of time poor parents, and caters to adult riders wanting to share a laugh and work up a sweat without committing to a gran fondo every weekend. It’s their focus…

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Transport for better aging

The NSW Government has drafted a transport plan designed to address mobility needs as people age as part of the Future Transport 2056 framework.   Bicycle NSW is pleased to see government planning for more inclusive transport and…

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Group riding leads to motivational high

After giving up work, David’s friend offered him a spare bike and the riding adventures began. “Six months later, I went and bought my own bike, which I’m still riding on today,” David told us. He joined his…

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Teaching Your Child How To Ride

Teaching a child how to ride can be life changing and open up a lot of doors for them.  Remember, children learn by example so they may need you to show them how to do things first. Follow…

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Bikes Aren’t Just For Kids At Christmas

Police ask families to discuss driving with older relatives, but travelling by car may be endangering older drivers and undermining their health and independence. NSW findings show that drivers over 70 are over-represented in the numbers of people…

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Bicycle NSW thanks Alan Coutts for his service

Bicycle NSW Board member and former Vice President Alan Coutts will retire at the 2018 Annual General Meeting at the completion of his term. Bicycle NSW thanks him for his distinguished service over the past three years. Bicycle NSW President,…

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