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Let Bicycle NSW advocate on your behalf for positive bike riding policies, education campaigns and an increased safe cycling network. Additionally, all Members receive worldwide comprehensive bike riding insurance and legal assistance.
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Bicycle NSW is here to make cycling easier, safer and (even) more enjoyable. Whether you ride a bike for fitness, recreation or commuting, Bicycle NSW has you covered.

We are the peak advocacy body in NSW for recreational bike riders and offer worldwide insurance to protect you when on the bike.  We want you to have fun on the bike, while we handle the rest.


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With annual events like Spring Cycle and Gear Up Girl
to regular maintenance workshops and skill rides, you can cycle with us all year round.

Latest News

Eurobodalla BUG

Starting out with a few riders, Eurobodalla Bicycle User Group has exploded in size. Promoting the group as way to fitness, friends and freedom, Liz and Guy have transformed the way of life for many in the Eurobodalla…

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The Pot of Gold

A crossing to prioritise pedestrians and bike riders was opened last week at Taylor Square in Sydney. Known as the Rainbow Crossing, it celebrates LGBTQI community ahead of the 2019 Mardi Gras and provides a colourful clap-back to…

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Mythbusting the ‘empty’ bike lane

Some mainstream and social media users like to question money spent on bike paths, claiming they are unused.  We thought a fact-check was in order. Traffic lights are a big help if you want pictures of ‘empty’ cycleways…

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Does more bike riding deliver a road safety ‘Nirvana’?

We have seen a ‘safety in numbers’ argument that claims by getting more people cycling, bike rider safety will increase.  This is often accompanied by the following OECD graph or similar: [OECD report p.114]   The argument is…

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Where To Go Bicycle Touring In Australia this Winter?

This winter instead of hanging up the bike until spring arrives, or travelling to the other side of the planet, have you considered a winter cycling holiday closer to home in warm outback or tropical north Queensland? Mulga Bicycle Tours has two…

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Media Release: Bicycle NSW expresses its condolences for rider’s family

Saturday, 9th, February 2019   Media Release: Bicycle NSW expresses its condolences for rider’s family A man riding a bike on the Federal Highway near Sutton, near the NSW border with Canberra, was fatally hit by a pantech…

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Safe Active Streets

This week we contributed to a workshop planning of Safe Active Streets – with the aim of developing a prototype for Parramatta, to test what NSW needs in urban communities. We have become used to a ‘standard’ street;…

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Help Light Up Bike Riding

We have a unique opportunity to be heard on issues that matter to people who ride bikes. Bicycle NSW has encouraged everyone to contact their MP and electoral candidates with your local cycling needs.  You have shared images…

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How Far Is Left?

Riders are often told to ride as far left as they can on single lane roads, but this is not the law. Current NSW legislation states, A driver on a road (except a multi-lane road) must drive as…

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Dangerous Road Obstacles

Sometimes road planners and designers neglect to consider bike riders. Recently the Central Coast Spinners wrote to Council to express their concern over a road island.  It was installed to protect pedestrians, but it had the unintended consequence…

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