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Bicycle NSW is here to make cycling easier, safer and (even) more enjoyable. Whether you ride a bike for fitness, recreation or commuting, Bicycle NSW has you covered. We are the peak advocacy body in NSW for recreational bike riders and offer worldwide insurance to protect you when on the bike.

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With annual events like Spring Cycle and Gear Up Girl
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Latest News

Group Riding

Once you are gaining confidence on the bike, and your braking and cornering skills are becoming more natural, it’s time to start riding! Well riding longer both in time and distance.   At lunch times and after work,…

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Hills and Gears

Another week has gone by and I’m getting more comfortable on the bike. I made my first solo adventure riding on a shared path this week, which is exciting if not also a little scary! I was practising…

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Look, Stop, Turn

So the cat is out of the bag now. You all know that I can’t ride a bike, but the great thing over the last week is realising how welcoming everyone is being. So if you are afraid…

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Footpath Bike Riding Age Increased to 16

Media Release 22/07/2018   Footpath Bike Riding Age Increased to 16   NSW has fallen behind most states around Australia in making this law legal. Now the NSW Government has increased this age from under 12 years to…

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City of Sydney Cycling Action Plan 2018-2030

City of Sydney has really opened the floodgates for cycling in Sydney’s CBD area. Currently, they are one of the leading councils in NSW in terms of cycling infrastructure and they need your help to continually improve this….

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Let’s Get Back On The Bike

By Kim Lavender   I have a secret. I can’t ride a bike. Yes it’s true, I work at Bicycle NSW but can’t ride a bike. Like many, I started riding my first bike as a kid, around…

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Minimum Passing Distance with NSW Police Force

With the Minimum Passing Distance being made permanent, Bicycle NSW has taken a proactive approach to educating and pushing for enforcement. You can read more about the MPD here.   Recently, we visited the NSW Police Force Bike…

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Top 26 End of Financial Year Tax & Superannuation Strategies

In the run up to June 30 many Australians scramble to find ways to manage their tax position. With just a few days to go, it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure you’re on top of your taxes…

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Australian Bicycle Summit 2018

In recent years, there hasn’t been so many cycling bodies in one location, in one room, discussing the future of cycling in Australia. From across the country, those invested in the future of Australian cycling attended the We…

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Après Vélo’s 40% Off EVERYTHING Sale

APRÈS VÉLO is a premium cycling inspired fashion and lifestyle brand, for those who want to uniquely express their passion for cycling. Grab your 40% bargain SITE-WIDE, off their distinctly stylish fashion, cycling gear and lifestyle products. Simply…

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