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Electric-assisted bicycles and other micromobility devices have enormous potential to decarbonise our cities, improve urban amenity, reduce the burden of congestion, provide affordable transport for people of all ages and abilities, add incidental exercise into sedentary lives and put big smiles on our faces!

E-bikes are still overlooked in favour of electric cars, despite the much lower entry price and countless other benefits for the environment and public health. E-bikes use 1/40th the energy of electric vehicles, and only cost 15c to charge, using a regular power point.

It is essential that e-bikes are included in the in the discussion on vehicle subsidies. Subsiding e-bikes is much cheaper than subsidising EVs and a subsidised e-bike is affordable for far more people.

There are many schemes around the world that should provide inspiration for state and federal governments.  In late 2023, Tasmania launched e-bike subsidiesAdelaide has now followed.  We will continue to campaign for economic incentives for mode shift in NSW.

Bicycle NSW recently made a submission in collaboration with WeRide to the National EV Strategy, advocating for the explicit inclusion of e-bike, e-cargo bikes and emerging forms of micromobility.

We are also working with stakeholders from all levels of government to establish sensible policy and legislations for e-bike batteries and road rules, as well as education programs across the state. We want e-mobility to reach its full potential while keeping riders and other road users safe.


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