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Whether you are riding for fun, fitness or transport, Bicycle NSW is here to help you. Find out what’s happening near you, get some tips on how to plan your next trip, use a route planning tool or learn the hand signals.


Some of the routes of our famous rides are available here. Why not try them out or make them your own!

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How-to Videos

Reading about how to ride just isn't the same as going out and gaining some trial-and-error style experience. But what about watching others show you the ropes? That could save you a lot of awkward moments out on the road. Have a look at these great video's we have selected to learn more about how to keep your bike tip-top condition or how to improve your riding skills. 

Want to know more about riding at night?

How to ride safely in a group?

Or how to ride in the rain?

Changing a tyre will never be difficult again

Your chain isn't supposed to be rusty.

Make your bike look new again in 30min.