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Due to the rising event costs and declining events sponsorship revenue, we have had to make the very difficult and challenging decision to cancel this year’s 2023 Spring Cycle event which was scheduled for 8th October.

While we continue to maintain our primary focus on advocating for a better environment for all bicycle riders, Bicycle NSW is committed to exploring other ride options for Members.

Please remember that most local Bicycle User Groups (BUG) operate many great rides throughout the year. You can find your local BUG on our website and if you’re not already a Member then please consider joining.


Bicycle User Groups (or BUGs for short) are local groups of like minded bike riders who get together for social riding in their area. They regularly organise rides catering for all skill and fitness level for their members and also people who are keen to join them. BUGs are your go to if you would like to experience the local rides across NSW.

BUG Riders Leaders have completed the Bicycle NSW Affiliated Ride Leader Course so we can assure they have been comprehensively trained and approved by us to deliver the highest quality, interesting and suitable rides for all participants.

We have over 30 affiliated BUGs across NSW, and they would love you to join them.


Bike riders care very deeply about their community and in return often participate in rides to give back or raise money for worthy causes. Bicycle NSW works with these charity rides to help with the promotion and we normal secure a discount for our Members in doing so.

The rides listed range for beginners to multiple day challenges, but you're sure to find one for you to support.


Bicycle NSW has been running bike riding events for decades. Based on this experience, we are able to offer assistance to individuals, community groups or bicycle groups to organise their own events. Bicycle NSW has put together a step by step manual to organise your own bicycle event.