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Date Published: Tuesday 16th November 2021

Notice of 2021 Annual General Meeting

6pm Monday 13th December 2021 to be held virtually on Zoom

Having regard to social distancing requirements and in the interests of the health and safety of our members, board and staff, Bicycle NSW has decided that its AGM will be held as a virtual event via Zoom. You will need a Zoom account to attend, which you can sign up for here.

To attend the AGM please join via this link after 5.45pm on Monday 13 December 2021.

The Board of Bicycle NSW invites all members to come to the AGM with initiatives, ideas and suggestions in relation to future activities and plans for Bicycle NSW and to consider the following items of business:

  1. Confirming the minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting.
  2. Receiving reports from the Board on activities of Bicycle NSW during the last preceding financial year.
  3. Receiving and considering the financial statements for the year ending 30th June 2021 and the auditor’s report on these statements.

Board Elections

Nominations were received from Anne Grunseit and Michael Corboy for the two vacancies to be filled in accordance with rule 18.1. In accordance with rule 18.8, as the number of nominations are equal to the number of positions to be filled the nominees will be taken as elected at the conclusion of the AGM.

Agenda and associated documents

AGM agenda
2020 AGM Minutes
2021 Annual Report

To assist us in preparing for the AGM, if you are planning to attend would you please notify us by email at or by calling the Bicycle NSW office on (02) 9704 0811.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM,

Darryn Capes-Davis
Bicycle NSW

Date Published: Friday 10 September 2021

Bicycle NSW Annual General Meeting – 6pm Monday 13th December 2021

 Call for Board Nominations

The Bicycle NSW AGM is scheduled for Monday 13th December 2021 and nominations for two Board vacancies to be filled by election at the AGM are now open. To download a Nomination form click here. Board nominations must be received by the Secretary no later than 5pm Friday 15th October 2021. (Please see the Nomination Form for more details.)

Online and Proxy Voting

If three or more nominations are received a vote will be required at the AGM.

For eligible members wishing to vote at the AGM but who are unable to attend in person, there are two ways to cast your vote.

The first (and preferred) method is to vote online using the direct voting instrument provided by TrueVote Pty Ltd. All eligible members may cast a direct vote online. TrueVote will email all eligible members when online voting opens at 6pm on Friday 19th November 2021. Online voting will close at 6pm on Friday 10th December 2021.

To check or update email addresses in your membership profile in time to vote online for the 2021 AGM simply go to My Account, login and update required details before 6pm on Sunday 14th November 2021. (If you cannot remember your login details, reset your password.)

The second method is to give your proxy to someone else who can attend the AGM and vote on your behalf. Members may appoint a proxy by submitting a proxy form to the Secretary. The proxy form, along with instructions on how and when to submit the proxy form, will be available via the Bicycle NSW website closer to the AGM.

Yours sincerely,

Darryn Capes-Davis
Bicycle NSW