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An important part of our job at Bicycle NSW is responding to the requests and needs of members and Bicycle User Groups.  We can’t always talk about what we are doing at the time, especially if it involves a legal matter or a confidential project or working group.

We’ve created this page to share some of the things we do, in response to your requests, to make things better for bike riding.

You asked: You contact us from all across NSW asking for our help when the bike infrastructure you depend on becomes unusable or unsafe, gets removed or isn’t fit for purpose.

We answered: As well as advocating for individuals, we developed and ran the #FixMyBikePath2019 campaign to show Councils, MP’s, NSW Transport, NSW Road Safety and NSW Police what you’re up against.  Many problems were solved far more quickly than usual. This campaign garnered media attention and MP’s were regularly reminded about bike issues in their social media feeds.

You asked: You want safer places for children to ride.

We answered: We didn’t stop after raising the age of footpath riding to 16.  We have continued to work on enabling more children to ride bikes safely to school, sport and around their local community.  For the first time a political party went to election promising funding for active travel to school, and we are working with the current government on securing the plans and budget to make this a reality.

You asked: You want places to ride away from traffic.

We answered: We regularly comment on strategic infrastructure, calling for separated cycleways to be built as part of transport projects such as the F6 Extension or Sydney Gateway, and we advocate to protect bike access like the Alexandra Canal when development managers try to remove it.

You asked: You want to be safer when you ride on roads.

We answered: We advocate for members when road infrastructure, driver behaviour or other issues make your ride unsafe.  We invest time in prevention by meeting regularly with NSW Police, Councils, NSW Transport MP’s and NSW Road Safety staff to reduce the risks to you.

You asked: Injury and death rates in crashes involving heavy vehicles are rising in NSW.

We answered: We started a heavy vehicles campaign that calls for improvements in safety technology and regulation.  This is a campaign that leaders in the heavy vehicle industry support, and our efforts remind MP’s and road managers it matters to you as well.

You asked: Across NSW you've asked for our help when construction projects make your ride unsafe or impossible.

We answered: We've been working in consultation with Austroads to update the standards construction managers need to follow.

You asked: For help when construction projects stop you riding safely

We answered: We're working with the national review to improve the safety standards that apply to all construction managers.

You asked: For help to make sure transport upgrades include facilities for bike riding

We answered: We write letters and make submissions that deliver change such as ensuring the a bike shelter was added during the Warrawee Station Upgrades.