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When the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932, cyclists were allowed to ride on the main deck of the Bridge.  As motor vehicle traffic increased, cyclists were relegated to riding on the western side of the bridge on a cycleway.

However, since forcing the bikes onto the cycleway in 1962, riders have had to battle up the stairs on the Northern End of the bridge. Currently over 2,000 cyclists use the Sydney Harbour Bridge each day and are forced to dismount and walk their bike up those 55 stairs.

The situation is even more precarious on wet days when the stairs can be slippery and put cyclists at further risk of injury. Unfortunately for many cyclists who are trying to take advantage of the incredible health and wellness benefits derived from cycling, this obstacle can be very cumbersome, particularly for cyclists at more elderly stages of life as well as families and children.  It is a complete barrier for some.

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