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When the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932, cyclists were allowed to ride on the main deck of the Bridge.  As motor vehicle traffic increased, cyclists were relegated to riding on the designated cycleway on the western side of the bridge.  It is a fantastic way to reach the city with beautiful views down the Parramatta River and the best evening sunsets – but only for cyclists who can manoeuvre their bikes up and down the infamous concrete steps at Milsons Point.

Following 4 decades of advocacy from Bicycle NSW and countless community members, the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway northern access ramp project is finally on track to fill a critical gap in the cycling network.

North Sydney Council gave Transport for NSW landowner’s consent for the use of Bradfield Park North in March 2023.  In June 2023, the Heritage Council of NSW voted to support the plans. The path is now clear for Transport for NSW to make the final determination on the proposal.

The days of having to haul your bike up 55 steps from Milsons Point to reach the cycleway on the western side of the bridge should be over by 2024!  And not a moment too soon for those keen to access the city with children, heavy e-bikes or cargo bikes.

Bicycle NSW has attended regular progress meetings with the design team and thanks Transport for NSW for setting up a transparent and collaborative design process. For more information about ASPECT Studio's elegant design and the project updates, visit the official consultation page. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge Northern Access Steps (Image: Wolter Peters)
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