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Following news that the proposed construction of a ramp at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been delayed by two years, Bicycle NSW have been out in force to begin pushing for Minister Pavey to deliver on the much needed ramp, as initially planned. 

As we posted last week, the proposed ramp is essential to ensuring more people can get on our their bikes and cycle, ultimately delivering a much needed boost to the social, economic and environmental state of NSW. This came before news yesterday that Infrastructure Australia has urged the Turnball and NSW Governments' to construct a 300km bicycle path network across Sydney to help solve the city's dour congestion problems (28 March 2018, Sydney Morning Herald). The proposed bridge at the ramp is no doubt an essential part of the puzzle, delivering a much needed boost to Sydney's cycling facilities. 

The campaign is underway

Following the announcement last week, we have been reaching out to cyclists across the community with a petition to expedite the construction of a safe ramp for access at the northern end of the Bridge. 

With the assistance of Bike North, staff and volunteers of Bicycle NSW were at the Bobbin Head Cycle Classic on Sunday, 25 March to voice the news to the thousands of riders who took part. Over 1200 participants signed our petition, agreeing that the ramp is essential in providing safe bicycle access for riders. 

We also headed out to the site causing this deliberation - the stairs at the northern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge - on two separate occasions over the last fortnight. Another 1010 riders showed their support, by offering their signatures across these days.

This takes our current count to over 2200 signatures!

We will continue to spend time on the streets over the coming week, ensuring that thousands of cyclists will have the chance to push for a timely facility that they deserve. 

We will again be at the Sydney Harbour Bridge from 6:30am on Thursday, 5 April, collecting signatures that we can showcase to the Government. So if you are out and about on your morning ride, come down and say hello and play your part in our movement. We will also be out in force in other locations in the coming weeks, so stay tuned...

Alternatively, you are able to download a petition form from the link below. We would greatly appreciate the support of yourself and your riding buddies, whether that be one or two mates, or a group you ride with.

All signatures count, everyone makes a difference. 

Important Notes:
-  All signatures must be original, and have names and addresses.   
-  Once signed, the petition can not be copied, scanned and returned.  We must gather the individual pages with original signatures.  This is a Parliamentary rule for petitions.
-  Please organise to have the original pages posted to Bicycle NSW by Monday 16 April 2018.   
-  Address to:  Bicycle NSW,  PO Box 293, Concord West NSW  2138

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