Ride with us and over 13,500 recreational bike riders to create a safer and more enjoyable cycling environment.



Household Membership

Includes 2 adults of any age, and up to 6 dependents who can be:

  • Children under 16
  • Grown up dependents aged 16-21 still living at home
  • Adult dependents aged up to 25 studying full time, living at home

Coverage to 30 June 2019 - $170 p.a.

Individual Membership

Perfect for the sole rider in the house:

  • Commuter or Transport Rider
  • Weekend Warrior, Health and Fitness or Training Rider
  • Leisure, Casual or Event Rider

Coverage to 30 June 2019 - $125 p.a.

Concession Membership

The best membership option for age concession riders who are:

  • Under 25 and living away from home; or
  • Over 65 and the only bike rider in the home

Coverage to 30 June 2019 - $103 p.a.

*All memberships purchased across the financial year will be charged the pro rata fee*


Your membership is an investment to a better cycling future. The voice of our members is crucial when working with government, council and other parties to create a better environment for cycling.

Our Members are the people we proudly work for, and we want to hear from them about the issues that matter most in their bike riding environment.

We ask all Bicycle NSW members to get in touch with any issues or feedback they might have about a cycling matter. The Members' Feedback Portal is an exclusive area where members can ask a question and get a swift, direct response from the Bicycle NSW team. This ensures our members can trust that Bicycle NSW is an organisation that wants to make a difference and listen to concerns that impact the wider bike riding community.

All Bicycle NSW members enjoy access to professional and affordable legal advice from Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers.

If you are involved in accident when out riding or simply would like to better understand your rights on a bike, Carroll & O'Dea offer a free first consultation to all members. You also enjoy an ongoing 5% discount on consultations for any legal matter.

No legal matter is too small - contact Carroll & O'Dea for any concerns you have.

Our members enjoy comprehensive, global bike riders insurance - the best available to recreational cyclists in NSW. The personal accident, third party and public liability coverage provided gives peace of mind to riders when they ride at any time, anywhere in the world.

More information about our insurance, including our policies, can also be found on the V-Insurance website.

Bicycle NSW members get a 20% discount on entry of our two main events - Spring Financial Group Spring Cycle and Gear Up Girl

Members Benefits

Members of Bicycle NSW gain access to range of special offers and discounts from our network of partners and affiliates. They are great for all cyclists, both when on and off their bike.

Below is range of benefits that Bicycle NSW members enjoy.

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Have any questions about our Membership? Your answer may be found in the following FAQs.

If not, please contact the Bicycle NSW Membership team on (02) 9704 0800 or at and they will be more than happy to answer any concerns or queries you have.

Does the insurance cover differ on the Individual, Concession or Household membership?

There is NO difference in insurance cover between the three membership options. All three membership options include the same level of personal accident and public liability insurance worldwide.

Member Insurance covers non-Medicare items only. Members who cannot access Medicare benefits should have their own travel or reciprocal arrangements to cover Medicare items.

Racing is not covered by Bicycle NSW members insurance.

Not only does your members insurance cover you for the physical treatment, but for all the elements that surround a physical injury. You’ve got cover for loss of income if you can’t go back to work for a while, counselling benefits if you’ve witnessed or experienced a traumatic event while riding, assistance in the home and if you’re bed ridden, travel costs and a chauffeur plan if you’re unable to transport yourself, as well as rehabilitation costs, out of pocket expenses, and if you’re injured riding overseas, you’re covered there too.

And while we don’t wish it on anyone, your members insurance includes capital benefits, permanent disability and death as well as funeral benefits.

What differentiates Individual, Concession and Household membership?

Our Concession Membership makes coverage more accessible to those under 25 living away from home and those over 65.

Our Individual Membership is for all individuals between 25 and 65.

Our Household Membership is a firm favourite with families including the new opportunity to cover your dependents up to 25 years of age. Household memberships can include dependents living at home up to the age of 21, or up to 25 if the dependent lives at home and is a full time student.

Can I become a member if I don’t live in NSW? Am I covered with insurance?

Yes, as long as you are an Australian resident you can become a member & be covered by our insurance world wide. Unlike some other bike organisations, the Bicycle NSW insurance benefits apply equally to residents of all Australian states.

Does your insurance cover me when riding overseas?

Yes it certainly does. You can ride anywhere in the world in the know that you are fully covered for both personal & third party insurance. The only type of riding not covered by Members Insurance is racing.

Does your insurance cover me when riding for work purposes?

Yes! Whether you are riding to work, to meetings for work, between workplaces or work sites, or if your main form of employment requires you to ride a bike, your bike riding is covered in addition to any SafeWork legislation and benefits that may apply.

Does your insurance cover me when riding an electric bike?

Yes! We know that electric bikes can make participating in bike riding that much easier, so no matter what kind of bike you ride – an electric, a fixie, a bmx, a mountain bike, a road bike or even a tricycle, you are covered for riding a bike anywhere in the world.

When does my membership expire?

All memberships expire on June 30th, end of the financial year in which you join. Memberships will auto-renew on 1 June unless otherwise advised.

Last year I paid less for my membership! What’s going on?

All membership prices are pro rata based, starting on July 1st and ending on June 30th each year. The price of the membership decreases day by day depending on when you joined. On 1 June, the full annual membership fee is due.

I joined only a few months ago, so why am I being renewed in June?

All Bicycle NSW memberships expire on June 30th each year.  Any membership  fees you pay after 1st July are based on a pro rata rate which charges you only for the days of membership from the time of joining through until the end of the membership period at June 30th.

Will Bicycle NSW remind me when my membership is due to expire?

Yes. If you are on a manually renewing membership, we will send you emails to remind you to renew your membership before 30 June. Most memberships are on an auto-renewal basis and we will send you a reminder prior to renewal on 1 July.

My password isn’t working, or I don’t remember my password. What shall I do?

Simply click on ‘Lost your password?’ and you will automatically be sent a new password to your email address. You can then login and update the password to your unique preferred password. If you don’t receive the email containing your reset password please check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder in case it’s been diverted there.

What if I need to change my membership type, add household members, update payment details, or want to cancel my membership auto-renewal?

If you need to change your membership type, contact details, credit card details, or change how your membership renews, simply follow the step by step instructions in the Bicycle NSW Members Guide to 2017/18 Renewals.

How do I get a membership card?

Membership cards are now digital, and in your membership active email which you will receive in the week after payment is received. You can print this letter and cut out the card if you want a physical copy. Otherwise, use a smart phone to take a screenshot, or simply file the electronic membership letter for easy access anywhere, anytime.

Past Member? Renew to reactivate now!

Members can renew and reactivate their cover for the current membership year.