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Policy Framework

Our mission at Bicycle NSW is to create a better environment for all bicycle riders. We are guided by three policy themes.

Build It For Everyone

We call on government to build cycling infrastructure that meets everyone’s needs.

Our vision includes:

• An 8 year old child riding independently to school
• Parents cycling with toddlers in child carriers to day-care and then parking at the station
• Workers commuting by bike or connect to public transport hubs
• Businesses moving goods and delivering services using cargo bikes
• Sport and leisure riders enjoying keeping fit, exploring and travelling
• Tourists choosing to visit our cities, towns and communities to ride
• An 80 year old cycling to the shops

Well-built infrastructure transforms travelling behaviour, reduces noise, carbon and air pollution, and benefits motorists through less congestion and pressure on parking.  Patchy, poorly-connected, inadequate or dangerous provision won’t be enough to change behaviour and deliver these benefits. Our key message is #1LessCarNSW

Safe Home

Everyone deserves to arrive home safely and we need a safe systems approach to deliver this. Infrastructure must build in safety, legislation and enforcement needs to ensure the most vulnerable road users are protected from injury and death. In addition, speed limits and traffic flows need to prioritise safety.

Education focused on helmets and what vulnerable road users need to do, in the hopes it will change driver behaviour has failed to reduce the road toll.

Driver education and enforcement focused on changing speeding, close passing and distracted behaviour works, as do measures to make heavy vehicles safer and to improve construction management.

Our key messages will focus on #MPD and work with police, lower speed limits, #BuildSafeNSW and safer heavy vehicles.

Invest Now For Health

Increasing the rates of cycling and reducing inactivity offers huge public health benefits, life expectancy increases and cost savings. The sooner we change behaviour the faster we all reap the benefits, individually and as a society.

We support effective behaviour change and we need the data and opportunity to test what works in order to achieve best practice.

We will collaborate with health, education, non-profit, sport and government to campaign and deliver effective programs. Our key messages are that #BikeRiding helps people #MakeHealthyNormal and #FindYour30 for every 1km cycled the community reaps a $1.43 benefit.