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Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers

Looking for legal advice?

Bicycle NSW has again joined forces with Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers to provide members with professional and affordable legal advice through Carroll & O’Dea’s experienced and diverse legal team.

Carroll & O’Dea offers a no obligation assessment of your claim or legal matter for members who engage their services for representation in cycling related legal action, as well as for other legal services provided by the firm (which includes wills and power of attorney, property law and conveyancing and family law).

Carroll & O’Dea supports a better environment for cycling and safer conditions for cyclists. They understand, though, that things don’t always go smoothly in life.

Cycling Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident, it is recommended that you seek legal advice as soon as you can, as it’s not always obvious if you have a claim for compensation.

As a first step, you can make contact with Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers about a potential compensation claim through the firm’s Personal Injury Claim Check which you can access from this link to the firm’s website (

Member Benefits

As a part of your Membership, Carroll & O’Dea can assist you with:

Call Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers on 1800 059 278 for a no obligation assessment of your claim or legal matter, or visit their website. Be sure to mention you are a Bicycle NSW member.