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Bicycle NSW has been running bike riding events for decades. Based on this experience, we are able to offer assistance to individuals, community groups or bicycle groups to organise their own events. Bicycle NSW has put together a step by step manual to organise your own bicycle event.

In order for Bicycle NSW to help support your event, it must fulfill the below criteria:

  • Cycling event
  • Non-timed event
  • Open to community
  • In or partly in NSW
  • Plans need to be approved by BNSW

We encourage all riders in the event to be covered by insurance, like the one Bicycle NSW offers. Bicycle NSW can offer your event a discount code for our Membership which includes the best recreational worldwide insurance, for NSW bike riders, including personal accident, public liability and third party.

1. Department of Premier & Cabinet Guidelines

This will help you assess where the planning of your event is up to and what will need to be done to gain approval.


2. Complete Bicycle NSW Templates

Download and complete the Event Operations Plan template. This document includes:

  • Event Overview & Description
  • Ride Operations
  • Stakeholders
  • Traffic Management
  • Event Schedule
  • Risk Management Plan & Safety Plan
  • Contingency Plan
  • Emergency Plan
  • Risk Assessment

3. Send Documents to Bicycle NSW

Once the template is completed you should send the documents through to Bicycle NSW at Bicycle NSW will review the documentation and return it to you with any advice.

4. Apply To Councils

Bicycle NSW might recommend you contact the Local Government Authorities or Council(s)/LGA's in which your event is is to take place.

5. Send Final Documents

As the event gets closer, you will need to update your Events Operations plan with any new changes or developments. Please share your  final plan and permits from the Council/LGA's with Bicycle NSW prior to event to get it checked before event day.



Event organisers need to be prepared for the unexpected in bike riding events, this includes serious accidents or injuries to participants. We strongly encourage that everyone participating in the event is covered by Bicycle NSW Insurance, which includes personal accident, third party property and public liabilty. Bicycle NSW can offer your event participants a discount code, please contact for more information.