‘Advocacy’ by definition is the activity by a group or individual which aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.

Bicycle NSW is the peak advocacy body for cycling in NSW. Since 1976, we have and continue to champion the cause for improved cycling infrastructure and for bike riders of every disposition.

Whether you are a commuter, recreational rider, lycra enthusiast or just an occasional rider - we are constantly and consistently chiseling away, both in public and behind the scenes, to make riding your bike in NSW easier and helping you stay safe.

Campaign Updates

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Footpath Riding

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Our Influence

As a result of Bicycle NSW’s rich 40 year history and demonstrated track record in cycling advocacy in NSW, our role and position in this space is acknowledged by the many councils and committees we actively participate in. We are currently engaged in the following working groups, which further enable us to pro-actively lobby and influence from the ‘inside’.

  • NSW Road Safety Advisory Council: Includes - Minister for Roads, Transport & Freight and staff, NSW Police, Pedestrian Council, Parliamentary Staysafe Committee, NSW Motorcycle Council, Bicycle NSW (BNSW), Youthsafe, Vehicle groups, Local Government NSW, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF), Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and the Centre for Road Safety
  • City of Sydney Cycling Advisory Committee: Includes - Mayor and Councillors, Roads & Maritime Services (RMS), TfNSW, BNSW, BikeSydney, BikEast, Leichhardt BUG, Premier’s Council on Active Living
  • Parramatta City Council (PCC) Cycling Advisory Committee: Includes - PCC Staff, BNSW, Western Sydney Cycling Network and CamWest Bicycle User Groups (BUGs)
  • Sydney Olympic Park Cycling Advisory Committee: Includes - Sydney Olympic Park Authority, BNSW; Department of Sport & Recreation, Park Bikes
  • Sydney Airport Cycling Forum (SACL): Includes - Sydney Airport Limited, RMS, TfNSW, Councils, BNSW, and BUGs
  • NSW Cycling Safety Plan Implementation Working Group: Includes - TfNSW, RMS, BNSW, AGF, Cycling NSW, NRMA, City of Sydney Council, State Insurance Regulatory Authority, NSW Police
  • Greater Sydney Commission - Social Panel. Working with other peak bodies to develop input to the District Plans to make Sydney a liveable and equitable city with healthy communities.

Get Involved

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