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Bicycle NSW works hard to create a better environment for all bike riders.

Below are some of our campaigns towards creating a healthier NSW.

Health News

Bikes for freedom, independence and connection
EveryBODY eBikes is a very special bike shop that is dedicated to inclusive cycling.  The family-owned business is run by Read more
Bicycle NSW volunteer Nicolle Kuppens has found bike riding in Sydney a challenge after many years of everyday cycling in Read more
Australia’s best town centres
Recent decades have seen ‘the death of the town centre’ in many western countries. Many factors are at play. These Read more
Bike paths and pedestrian-friendly streets have much more to do with improving our economy than many people realise! Pitt Street in Read more
Nicolle and her daughter in Amersfoort
Nicolle Kuppens is an urban planner who lives on Sydney’s lower north shore and loves riding bikes. Two years ago, Read more
donated kids bikes on their way to schools in bushfire affected parts of Victoria
How Revolve continues to evolve Revolve ReCYCLING has been diverting old bikes from landfill and giving them new life since Read more
Bike riders navigate a devastated street in Japan after the 2011 tsunami (Image: National Post)
It’s not widely advertised, but when petrol is scarce and the roads are out, bikes are gold. Bikes offer a Read more
Fund active transport for our children's sake
Bicycle NSW and Better Streets have collaborated to push the NSW Labor Government to fund transformational change to our transport Read more
80 years’ investment in streets for cars, not people, is having a profound impact on our health But after four Read more
Doctors call for Oxford Street renewal
Doctors for the Environment Australia demand a plan for Oxford Street that puts people first. Doctors for the Environment Australia Read more
Road rage death 5 years on
Parents across NSW are calling for safer roads around schools to enable active transport. Making walking and cycling a priority Read more
174 glorious kilometres of gravel and granite (Image credit: Flow Mountain Bike)
The Angry Bull-led recovery in Tenterfield Tenterfield, a small Northern NSW town, recently hosted Gravel n Granite, which attracted over Read more
Why ride to work?
(M) Rating: This article contains material for mature audiences! Better to ask, why wouldn’t you? Momentum Magazine ran an article Read more
Rail trails encourage independent kids
And resilient communities We have written about how rail trails support regional communities. They do so by connecting people and Read more
Return Of The Child -Friendly City
Car-dominated streets damage kids  In an excellent Conversation article, Mischa Ketchell discusses the decline of cities as spaces for children and Read more
Young lady in crowd looking at her mobile phone
Blaming pedestrian behaviour for crashes ignores evidence and decades of bad planning. When it comes to collisions between vulnerable road Read more
The second or even the first family car – e-bike are way more fun for kids! (Source: Rascal Rides)
As cities worldwide set ambitious targets for reaching Net Zero, many are turning to electric vehicles (EVs) to help reduce Read more
Australia remains a dumping ground for dirty cars (Image: Scott McNaughton)
New findings on tail pipe and tyre dust emissions have health experts extremely worried Exhaust fumes and tyre wear particles Read more
A Better Street has space for people to linger and participate in community life. (Source: Better Streets)
Bicycle NSW is excited to announce two Better Streets events happening this weekend in Wollongong and Sydney. These events bring Read more
Daily life on Australia’s arterial roads (Image: The Fifth Estate)
Do you spend 10% or more of your disposable income on transport? Living in the country, with pot-holed roads and Read more