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Ride Leaders Course

Bicycle NSW is excited to announce that we have launched our new Ride Leaders Course!

While COVID-19 put a halt to running training courses in Sydney, we have revised the course so it can be delivered by all Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) to suit their own local needs.

This has also made the Course more accessible to everyone wanting to become a Master Ride Leader or a Ride Leader, no matter where they are located in NSW.  Previously, we have had candidates travel from all over the state and we recognised this is a lot of time, money and effort to undertake the Course. It also made it difficult for some of our regional members to undertake the training.

With this updated Ride Leaders Course, it will enable more Ride Leaders to be trained at a location and time that suits them.  Overall, the update provides a clear and structured program using a comprehensive set of training resources for everyone.

If you are interested in becoming a Master Rider Leader or a Ride Leader, we encourage you to talk to your BUG President for further information.

About The Ride Leaders Course

Thank you for wanting to become a Bicycle NSW accredited Ride Leader. The course will enable you to lead rides for groups to enjoy the fun and health benefits of bicycle riding, in the safety of a well-planned  ride.

The Ride Leaders Course is designed to take you, as an experienced group rider, through a series of exercises to give you the knowledge, skills and experience to competently –  and confidently - lead a group of riders.

Candidate Ride Leaders must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Be a Member of Bicycle NSW
  • Be a Member of a BNSW affiliated Bicycle User Group (BUG)
  • Be a confident rider who has experience with riding in a group and feels comfortable leading a diverse group of riders.
  • Know the NSW road laws and have a comprehensive understanding of the road environment.

If you are a novice bike rider, have little experience or do not feel confident riding in a group, we encourage you to gain experience riding with your local group before expressing interest in this course. It’s important for you to observe experienced Ride Leaders in operation and, when you’re ready, to perform roles such as Signpost and Sweep.

Course Documents

Note: All Ride Leader Course documents are password protected. If you have not received your welcome email with the details, please contact

Ride Leader Course Webinar

In May 2021, Bicycle NSW hosted a webinar in order to explain and gather thoughts on the updated Ride Leader Course

Course Overview

Please see below the Ride Leader Course overview.