By becoming a Member of Bicycle NSW, you agree to be bound by Bicycle NSW’s Rules of Incorporation for the time being in force, which you can view here.

There is no refund or exchange on any Bicycle NSW Membership, except as required by law and as otherwise specified by Bicycle NSW, and Membership is not transferrable.  Subject to the Rules of Incorporation, Bicycle NSW reserves the right to change these terms of Membership at any time without notice.

Individual Memberships

Individual Memberships only apply to persons who are 16 years of age or older at the start of their Membership.

Household Memberships

Household Memberships include up to 2 adults and 6 children where an adult is defined as any person who is 18 years or older at any time during the period of their Membership.  All Members of a household policy must reside at the same address for at least 50% of the time.

Memberships and renewals

As of 2016/17, Bicycle NSW memberships automatically renew on 1 June where payment details have been saved for the member. By clicking the 'Save to Account' check box at payment, the member agrees to allow automatic renewal on 1 June each year from their credit card. Bicycle NSW will provide information on how to alter and/or end automatic renewals prior to the renewal date each year, to allow members to opt-out if they no longer want their membership to renew on a subscription basis.


Bicycle NSW has negotiated a group insurance policy provided to our Members as part of Bicycle NSW Membership. This insurance is arranged by V-Insurance Group Pty Ltd, an authorised representative of Willis Australia Limited ABN 90 000 321 237, Australian Financial Services License No: 240600.

Cover under the Member Insurance is provided to those members of Bicycle NSW whose Membership is/was current at the time of incident.

Cover under the Member Insurance commences at the time you pay for your membership. Cover under the Member Insurance ceases at 11:59pm on 30 June each year (assuming it has not been renewed).

For Household Memberships – you must be able to provide proof that all household members reside permanently at the same address in order to be covered by the Member Insurance.

The coverage, terms and conditions of the Member Insurance are negotiated annually and subject to change. Full policy terms, conditions and exclusions for the Member Insurance can be viewed and downloaded here or provided free of charge.

Bicycle NSW does not hold an AFSL and is not an authorised representative of a person who holds an AFSL and as such can only provide basic factual information about the Member Insurance, as set out on this Website. Any queries you may have should be directed to V-Insurance on 1300 945 547 or

No Advice

You should consider the appropriateness of the Member Insurance, having regard to your particular objectives, financial situation or needs, before electing to take out a Membership. Bicycle NSW has not considered your circumstances and so cannot advise you whether the Member Insurance is suitable to you. You should consider obtaining financial product advice in relation to the Member Insurance from a person who is able to give such advice under an AFSL.

Member Insurance Currency

Holders of a Membership may confirm the currency of the Member Insurance by calling V-Insurance on 1300 945 547 or

Member Notification

In the event that the Member Insurance coverage is altered, endorsed, cancelled or lapsed, we will take reasonable steps to advise you through your selected communication method and our standard communication channels: e-news and this Website. You should regularly review the Website and the V-Insurance website for updates on the Member Insurance.

Compensation Arrangements

Bicycle NSW is obliged to, and has put in place, a compensation arrangement for any holder of a Membership who suffers loss or damage as a result of Bicycle NSW failing to notify a person covered by Member Insurance that the Member Insurance that:

(i) it is not reasonable to expect that the cover under the Member Insurance will apply for the period represented to them, whether in writing or otherwise; or

(ii) the Member Insurance is, or is likely to be, cancelled or not renewed,

unless either:

(iii) the terms of the product require the Insurer to give notice, before cancelation or non-renewal of the Member Insurance, that it will be cancelled or not renewed; or

(iv) substantially similar cover applies or will apply for the period (or remainder of the period) represented to them.