The best benefits for recreational riding

Many riders love getting out on two wheels, but sometimes some people don’t always feel confident out and about, and that’s where a Bicycle NSW membership makes all the difference.

Bicycle NSW is creating a better environment for cycling through our advocacy and helping people feel safer on their bike. Events like Spring Cycle and Gear Up Girl are crucial to our goals as they help increase participation in cycling and raise awareness of bikes as a great transport choice. Our Affiliated Bicycle User Groups across the State make cycling more accessible and welcoming for all.

Not only does a Bicycle NSW membership give you great access to events like Spring Cycle, Gear Up Girl, Discovery Rides, local Bicycle User Groups, but it also gives you the best bike riders insurance for recreational cycling available in NSW^. At less than 43 cents a day to cover an entire family, Bicycle NSW membership makes sense.

About Our Insurance – We’ve got your back!

Riding a bike is great fun, but accidents can and do happen. We’ve worked with V-Insurance to make sure that all Bicycle NSW members receive WORLDWIDE, comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance & Third Party Public Liability Insurance, so you can ride with confidence anywhere, anytime^^.


Visit our Insurance Portal for further detail on coverage, view the policy wording, make a claim and have all your insurance questions answered.

Make a claim

Your Bicycle NSW membership supports^ you in three important ways if you have an accident:

  • If you injure yourself (Personal Accident Insurance)
  • If you injure someone else (Third Party Liability Insurance)
  • If you damage someone else’s property (Third Party Liability Insurance)

CLICK HERE for information on how to make a claim, or to get the claims process started.

^Bicycle NSW does not represent itself as a licenced financial services provider by providing information on this insurance. All queries should be directed to V-Insurance Group
^^Bicycle NSW members insurance covers all kinds of bike riding (leisure, commuting, training), except for racing.