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Bosch Smart System Review

Heya! I’m the accounts girl at Bicycle NSW and thanks to Bosch eBike Systems and Omafiets I was lucky enough to road test a Riese and Muller Tinker 2 eBike with the Bosch Smart System. eBikes just continue to get better and better! One of the key things driving this is the development of smart technologies

A creative way to prevent close passes!

A Creative Way to Prevent Close Passes!

Bicycle NSW continues to work hard to raise awareness of Minimum Passing Distance (MPD) legislation. Drivers must give bicycle riders at least one metre space in 60 km/h or under zones and 1.5 metres when the speed limit is above 60km/h. But we know this isn’t routinely happening.  We advocate for much more enforcement and there


Book Your Tidbinbilla to Parkes Tour

Immerse yourself in the landscapes and communities Nothing like the bicycle symbolises freedom and humanity! This amazing two-wheeler means of transportation gifts us with the ability to live sustainably, to explore, to reach unthinkable places. Small group bicycling tours are a good way to experience all of these benefits and a destination intimately. Riding a

Bikes for freedom, independence and connection

Bikes for Freedom, Independence and Connection

EveryBODY eBikes is a very special bike shop that is dedicated to inclusive cycling.  The family-owned business is run by Andrea and Richard Herklots. They are based in Lutwyche, Brisbane, but the EveryBODY eBikes team regularly tours Australia with its range of e-bikes and trikes that can be customised for people with diverse mobility needs. 


Illawarra Ramblers Victorian Rail Trail Adventure

E-Bikes made it possible to explore over 500 kms in ten rides Last month 25 Illawarra Ramblers took a sixteen day trip through Victoria’s rail trails. Electric bikes were a popular choice as the pedal assist allowed riders to take on much longer and, more interesting rides. Ride leaders are a crucial part of any


Active Travel Wins at Willoughby Public School

Bicycle NSW volunteer Nicolle Kuppens has found bike riding in Sydney a challenge after many years of everyday cycling in the Netherlands. In particular, she is disappointed that it is so difficult for her children to ride to school.   So Nicolle was delighted to learn that her local council, Willoughby on Sydney’s lower north shore,

Refer a Friend

Bicycle NSW Refer A Friend

We greatly appreciate the support of our Members, and want to thank them for helping us continue to grow across the State. So, attention Members… GIVE 25% and SAVE 25% for each friend referred to join Bicycle New South Wales! 

Take the Bicycle NSW Safe Biking Pledge for National Road Safety Week 2024

Take The Safe Biking Pledge

Take the Bicycle NSW Safe Biking Pledge for National Road Safety Week 2024 Help make NSW a safer place to bike! Take the pledge. Show your commitment. Traffic injury is one of the biggest killers in Australia and National Road Safety Week (5-12 May) is here to highlight the impact of road trauma and ways

The first stage of the Tour de Sydney: Looks like it was a fab day

Sydney Spokes on the Tour de Sydney!

Garry Robinson, founder of, has extended an invitation to ride the Greater Sydney Bike Trail, a 230km loop around the outer edges of the metropolitan Sydney area that pieces together some of his favourite paths. ‘Why not ride around Sydney?” asks Garry. “The two big loops I developed will hopefully inspire you to explore

Australia’s best town centres

Australia’s Best Town Centres

Recent decades have seen ‘the death of the town centre’ in many western countries. Many factors are at play. These include the post-Covid shift to working from home, increases in online shopping, migration from small towns into cities, and the apparent ease of shopping in large malls rather than on the main street.  But this