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We'll also include be updates from our team in regards to the many projects we are involved in. Bicycle NSW is the key stakeholder representing bike riders in many forums, including regular meetings with RMS, governments and other agencies. Check in regularly for all the news about how we are creating a better environment for cycling locally.

What's Happening?

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Give your input to the new Road Safety Plan 2021

A new road safety plan for NSW is being developed this year to ensure effective actions are in place to meet the Road Safety Strategy 2012-2021 targets for reducing deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads.

The Road Safety Plan 2021 will also position NSW to achieve the longer term target of a zero road toll to support the Future Transport strategy which is being developed this year to establish a 40-year vision for transport in NSW to meet the long-term needs of transport customers.

Safety is a shared responsibility and so input from communities and stakeholders across NSW is critical for developing effective measures to reduce road trauma. We strongly encourage members and friends of Bicycle NSW to participate in the engagement program during May to ensure bike riders and their concerns are well represented.

Development of the Road Safety Plan 2021 will draw on:

  • An examination of crash information to understand the factors involved in the crashes in NSW
  • Evidence from Australia and worldwide about what has been proven to be effective in saving lives and reducing serious injuries
  • Feedback from stakeholders and the NSW community through a statewide consultation program.

During May, bike riders can provide input to the Road Safety Plan 2021 by:

  1. Attending a two-hour forum – these will be held in:
    Wagga Wagga – 10 May
    Dubbo – 15 May
    Wollongong – 17 May
    Parramatta – 18 May
    Sydney CBD – 23 May
    Newcastle – 24 May
    Scone – 29 May
    Coffs Harbour – 31 May
  2. Taking part in an open online discussion forum or web-based survey.

For details, please visit the Centre for Road Safety website or email

Cook Cove Precinct DA call for submissions

Affiliated Bicycle User Group, BIKEast, have made a submission regarding the Cook Cove Precinct DA, and Bicycle NSW will look to make a submission as well. All Bicycle NSW members and supporters are encouraged to review and make a submission should they see fit. BIKEast points out  the proposal is of state, not just regional, significance for the cycleway through the Cook Cove area of Arncliffe.

Cook Cove Inlet Pty Ltd on behalf of Kogarah Golf Club has submitted a Development Application (DA) to Bayside Council for site remediation, environmental improvements, public domain enhancements and a new golf course known as the Southern Precinct.

As part of the proposal, Cook Cove Inlet will deliver 1.4km of new and improved shared pedestrian / cycle pathways along the Cooks River, completing a missing regional cycling link. The project will also provide a new pedestrian bridge across Muddy Creek connecting Arncliffe with Kyeemagh.

Cook Cove Inlet are also in the process of developing a Masterplan for the Northern Precinct of Cook Cove, which includes plans to connect new north south cycling links with the Southern Precinct. When complete, the Cook Cove project will create a continuous pedestrian and cycle network along Cooks River foreshore, providing regional access to the Sydney CBD, Taren Point, Homebush Bay and to the future Inner-West Greenway.

If Bicycle NSW members would like to view the plans they can visit Bayside Council’s website. Members can also make a submission in support of the proposed designs by writing directly to Bayside Council – the public exhibition period has been extended and now closes on Friday 10th February 2017. To make a submission use the details below:

Bayside Council

Submission on DA-2017/179 – Cook Cove Southern Precinct

Attention: Marta M Gonzalez-Valdes, Coordinator Major Assessment Team
By mail: PO Box 21, Rockdale NSW 2216


For more information about the Cook Cove project, please visit the website or email

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