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We know it feels like ‘groundhog day’, but again we have looked at the health regulations published on Saturday and we've clarified the COVID-19 restrictions for NSW bike riders.

NSW is now up to the 17th amendment public health order in 2021, so we understand how challenging it can be to keep up, especially as these orders need to be read together to be understood.  

“We are incredibly grateful to riders across NSW for your efforts to stay up to date and do all you can to understand and comply,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Thank you for your efforts to keep riding and your community safe,” said Bastien.

A Guide To COVID-19 Restrictions For NSW Bike Riders

For further information about the NSW Health COVID-19 rules, check out the website and the updated health orders. The fines for not wearing a mask have increased from $200 to $500, and people who have medical reasons not to wear a mask must carry evidence of this.

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