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With Greater Sydney set to be in lockdown for another 4 weeks, we’ve got some bike related activities to help keep you occupied. We know it’s a difficult time but we encourage everyone to keep doing the things they love (without breaking the current COVID-19 restrictions) and touching base with people they care about.

1. Go For A Ride

Currently across NSW, everyone can still ride their bike, there is just a limit on how far depending on where you live.

We have a whole breakdown of the restrictions in your area in NSW here (as of 29 July, 2021). Updated orders are due to be published Saturday , so we will explain any changes on Monday.

We have a whole breakdown of the restrictions in your area in NSW here. Updated orders are due to be published Saturday here, so we will explain any changes on Monday.

If you are limited on how far you can ride, how about brushing up on some bike skills or your increasing bike handling ability? This can include things like an obstacle course.


2. Bike Maintenance 

Knowing how to perform basic bike maintenance is an important part of being a bike rider. If your bike is in poor condition it can lead to bike accidents but even a flat tyre can stop you from getting home safely.

Bikes should undergo a quick check before every ride. This is to ensure your bike is in top working condition to reduce the risk of mechanical faults and accidents. We want all riders to be safe when cycling on their bikes.

Before every ride we encourage all riders to do a simple ABCDS check  That’s:

A - Air - Tyres should be inflated and feel very firm to touch. Maximum pressure is written on the tyre wall.

B - Brakes - Test both front and back brakes. Brake pads should be clear from the rim.

C - Chain - See that it moves smoothly.

D - Drop - Lift the bike and drop from a few centimetres. Listen for odd sounds. Secure loose fittings.

S - Saddle - Check that the saddle is secure and at the correct height (hip level). Shouldn’t be overextended. Seat needs to be bolted tightly.

Bikes should have a more thorough check monthly, along with an annual check-up at a bike store.

If you're looking to learn how to do some basic bike maintenance there are plenty of videos online to guide you. For a start, we recommend learning:

  • how to change a flat tyre
  • use a puncture kit
  • how to lubricate your chain


3. Catch Up With Friends With Video Call 

Bike riding friends are some of the best! Yet with many of us missing social interactions with our bike riding buddies we encourage you to check in with each other. 

How about you grab a coffee and give your bike friends a video call? There are some great programs out there where you can play games on the video call, or you can plan some rides you’d like to do together once the lockdown is finished. 

Being isolated can be very tough on mental health so it is important to check in on your friends.


4. Virtual Cycling With Friends 

Women riding indoors on a bike trainer

Virtual cycling has really taken off over the last year and it’s opened the doors for keeping people riding. Within the programs you can virtually ride all over the world and also ride against professionals, your friends and family or other people of similar skill levels. 

Things you’ll need: 

  • account (and subscription) to a virtual cycling program such as Zwift
  • smart trainer - an indoor cycling trainer that can link to your virtual cycling program and replicate riding on the ride such as elevation
  • smart device were the virtual cycling program can be run from and that can also link to your smart trainer
  • water bottle
  • towel or fan (depending on the time of year)
  • some music

5. Wash Your Bike 

Dirt and grime on your bike can stop it working at peak condition and in some instances can lead to an accident. For your safety it’s a good idea to keep clean. The video below shows how to give your bike a in depth wash as well as degreasing your drivetrain. 

For this you’ll need:

  • Bucket
  • Soap - bike soap or even dishing washing soap 
  • 2x sponges (car sponges work well) 
  • Rag 
  • Stiff-bristled brushes:  1 for coating bike with degreaser & 1 for getting into derailleur & chain rings (thin & narrow)
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Degreaser
  • Chain lubricant (wet or dry)

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