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Following increased COVID-19 case numbers announced today, restrictions have changed again in Greater Sydney during the extended lockdown.

For people in rural and regional NSW, the restrictions remain unchanged.  We appreciate you are all trying to do your best but sometimes the rule changes can be confusing.  

“The feedback we have received is that our article listing the reasons you can ride your bike was helpful,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

To help everyone understand the rule changes that begin at 12:01 on Friday the 30th of July, we have a table to help you work out what applies where you live in NSW.

The reasons you can be outside riding your bike:

For further information about the NSW Health COVID-19 rules, check out the website and the updated health orders. The fines for not wearing a mask have increased from $200 to $500, and people who have medical reasons not to wear a mask must carry evidence of this.

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