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Who is behind
The fantastic resources on are no longer a Sydney secret! This treasure trove of maps, photos, ride ideas and Read more
The problem with Local Traffic Committees
And the fix Active transport advocates have long been frustrated by the slow machinations of traffic where even small changes Read more
“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer Read more
The weight we share
The massive cost of autobesity Lack of emissions standards and generous tax perks make Australia the dumping ground for bloated, Read more
The CAMWEST blend of community and advocacy
Bicycle NSW supports a state-wide network of affiliated local Bicycle User Groups (BUGs).  BUGs organise enjoyable and inclusive recreational rides Read more
Every year, Bicycle NSW approves everyday bike riders to become qualified Ride Leaders. These Ride Leaders are knowledgeable, experienced bike Read more
What is Parcelrun?
And why we are so excited by this startup! Online home deliveries surged during the pandemic – as did the Read more
Fund active transport for our children's sake
Bicycle NSW and Better Streets have collaborated to push the NSW Labor Government to fund transformational change to our transport Read more
The bike wars media beat-up
There must be more to hating the Oxford Street cycleway than meets the eye! The commercial press has framed the Read more
Police charge bike riders for existing
Whilst ignoring dangerous drivers Bicycle NSW previously wrote about the problem of perceived (or actual) police bias against bike riders. Read more
Enough is enough!
Fund better streets now. Not in 320 years Dear Member of Parliament, The Collaroy tragedy is a reminder of the Read more
How to clean up bike share
And make it work for everyone Dear Bicycle NSW friend, You've absolutely nailed the problem with share-bikes being discarded or left Read more
Pedestrians are fed up with begging
Bicycle riders and pedestrians are done - so very done - with having to wait forever. The beg button is Read more
How this free webinar can change your insurance claim outcome Investigators are hired by insurance companies to look into bike Read more
The Inner West Bicycle Coalition
Keeping up the battle for Better Streets Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) are fantastic for making friends who share a common Read more
Blacktown’s good bones marred by bollards
Dan Sobkowski is a young father who bikes for transport with his family in and around Blacktown. Dan’s observations on Read more
Bollard Busters!
Riding group takes out two useless bollards in Homebush Bicycle User Group (BUG) Bike North may have set the record Read more
Bicycle NSW is thrilled to announce our new partnership with eBike provider Lug+Carrie. Through the partnership, Bicycle NSW Members in Lug+Carrie operating Read more
China (re-)embraces active transport as Australia stays gridlocked Different cities are at different stages along their paths to sustainable mobility. Read more
A tour of awesomeness!! Designers from Blacktown Council recently toured Sydney's bike infrastructure with rave reviews.  Blacktown City Council Designers Read more
Road rage death 5 years on -
...and Louise is still campaigning for safer streets Note: This story may upset and distress some readers Five years ago Read more