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Bicycle NSW benefited from the engineering expertise of Ray Rice OAM, as a consultant and previous CEO.  We have created ‘Ray’s Corner’ to celebrate his contribution, and help everyone advocate for better bike riding infrastructure.  

This page will include resources designed to explain how infrastructure for bike riding should be built, and how construction that impacts bike riding should be managed, to meet current guidelines.


We have drawn together guidelines and principles into one resource to help you. As we continue to work, this resource will grow. Please check back for updates.
Last update 15 September 2020

An article covering drainage issues for roads, bike paths, bike lanes and shared paths.

Policies and guidelines for walking, cycling and place outcomes

Transport for NSW has published a range of new policies and guidelines to support planning, design and delivery of walking and cycling infrastructure. These build on the NSW Government’s Future Transport 2056 vision and the Movement and Place framework.

Movement & Place Framework & Practitioners Guide

Movement and Place is a cross-government framework for planning and managing our roads and streets across NSW. The framework is realised through a series of Practitioners Guides and tools including the Walking Space Guide and Cycleway Design Toolbox.

Walking Space Guide

The Walking Space Guide provides a set of standards and tools to assist those responsible for Walking Spaces on streets, to ensure that sufficient space is provided to achieve comfortable environments which encourage people to walk.

Cycleway Design Toolbox

This provides guidance for practitioners on desired outcomes for cycling and other forms of micromobility in New South Wales. Based on an integrated approach to planning, the design principles and recommendations outlined in the Toolbox aim to address both the movement function and place intensity of the location.

Providing for Walking & Cycling in Transport Projects Policy

This corporate policy requires every transport project funded by Transport for NSW must include provision for walking and cycling, and must be delivered from the outset of every transport project.

Road User Space Allocation Policy

This corporate policy requires Transport for NSW allocates physical and temporal road user space safely and equitably to support the movement of people and goods and place objectives.


A member’s video analysis of issues arising on the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange Project and how these should be treated according to current Austroads Guidelines.

A member’s video analysis of the issues arising on the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange Project related to detours for bike riders.

A member’s video analysis of the issues arising on the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange Project related to detours for bike riders.

A member's video analysis explaining the many issues, non-conformities and the impact for riders.

Inconsistent attempts to protect riders endangers riders and can cause crashes

Legible examples of detour signage.