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Immerse yourself in the landscapes and communities

Nothing like the bicycle symbolises freedom and humanity!

This amazing two-wheeler means of transportation gifts us with the ability to live sustainably, to explore, to reach unthinkable places.

Small group bicycling tours are a good way to experience all of these benefits and a destination intimately. Riding a bike gives you the unique opportunity to really immerse yourself in the landscapes and communities of a location. With an average group size of 14, you'll be able to explore the ride with other like-minded bicycle users. Plus, you'll have a cycling tour guide to lead your group and share their expert local knowledge. Now it doesn't get any better than that!

"It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle."

Ernest Hemingway

Day 1 - 70m dish at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex near Tidbinbilla

The ultimate spring escape

Bicycle NSW and Mulga Bicycle Tours have come together to bring you a journey that promises to treat you to a friendly and inclusive group ride while teasing the senses with breathtaking scenery at every turn, science, history, art, poetry and comfortable accommodation in welcoming country towns.

The NEW Dish to Dish Tidbinbilla to Parkes 10-day Tour is the first of a number of exclusive small group (14 max) fully supported cycling tours available to new and existing Members of Bicycle NSW.

"Travel enriches and teaches, it is a teacher of life. The bicycle is a faithful friend who can take you wherever you want to go. Travelling by bike is full of strong emotions: the challenges and fatigue are at first discouraging, disappointing and upsetting... But then, if you have an indomitable spirit, you don’t let yourself be defeated by the inertia and routine, since following the road revealed to us by our emotions is the only way we have of truly living."

Gillian Klempner Willman

Day 2 - Prisoner of War National Memorial - Changi Chapel - Duntroon

You and your group will cycle into another era, taking in history on display in vintage towns and villages marked by riches unearthed in the original NSW gold fields.

This was a time of confidence that saw Sir Henry Parkes, a five times Premier of NSW, successfully advocate for the unification of the six Australian colonies to form the Commonwealth of Australia, with Canberra emerging as the National Capital. For his leadership in advancing the cause of nationhood he was accorded the title ‘Father of Federation’. The suburb of Parkes in Canberra, which is home to the Federal Parliament, and the New South Wales town of Parkes, are named in his honour.

"The bicycle teaches what effort is, what means going up and down - not only on mountains, but in fortunes and sorrows - it teaches how to live. Cycling is a long travel searching for your true self."

Ivan Basso

Day 3 - Rollonin Cafe gardens, Bowning NSW

Poetry weaves into this extraordinary journey, with Banjo Paterson's upbringing in Binalong and Henry Lawson's connection to Grenfell infusing the route with literary richness. Paterson, who was influenced by the colourful characters (swagmen, bushman, drovers, shearers and bullockies) he met and Lawson, who has been hailed as one of the pioneers in capturing Australia's emerging national identity, paint vivid portraits of the Australian spirit through their verse.

"Fly like a bird: here's the dream; ride on a bike: here's the pleasure. Be young again, you become a poet."

Alfredo Oriani

Day 4 - Grave of bushranger 'Flash' Johnny Gilbert, Binalong, NSW. (2023 Dish to Dish reconnaissance ride).

Today, agriculture forms the backbone of the economy with our route passing through rich grazing and cropping country - sheep, cattle, wheat, barley, and canola. The orchards and vineyards surrounding Young, the Cherry Capital of Australia, stand as an illustration to the region's agricultural diversity.

"Contrary to what happens when I drive my car, where the landscape allows to be seen and not to be, on a bicycle I sit on the middle of it."

Paul Fournel

Day 5 - Corner of  Boorowa and Main Street, Young, NSW. Day 6 - Burrungong Creek,
Old Forbes Road, NSW (Left). 

This is very pretty country, and one thing is for sure, in September it should be very green and possibly a bit pink with cherry blossoms, and yellow if the canola is in flower.

This journey isn't just about the kilometres ridden, it's about the stops along the way offering glimpses into the essence of Australia that will resonate long after our wheels stop turning.

"But the true travellers are those who go / only to get away: hearts like balloons / unballasted, with their own fate aglow, / who know not why they fly with the monsoons: / those whose desires are in the shape of clouds."

Charles Baudelaire

Day 7 - New Grenfell Road, NSW.  (2023 Dish to Dish reconnaissance ride). Day 8 - 'Elvis with Chainsaw,' corner McGrath Lane and Henry Parkes Way, NSW. (2023 Dish to Dish reconnaissance ride). (right).
Day 9 - Coobang Road, Parkes, NSW. (2023 Dish to Dish reconnaissance ride). (left) Murriyang, ('The Dish'), CSIRO Parkes Observatory, Parkes, NSW. (2023 Dish to Dish reconnaissance ride). 

Tour Information

From:  Tidbinbilla

To:  Parkes

Guided: Yes

Departure:  September 15, 2024


  • 10 nights accommodation in 3 or 4 star properties, including pre-tour accommodation in Canberra
  • 10 x breakfasts, 7 x lunches (including end of tour lunch), 2 x dinners
  • Hot/cold drinks and snacks from the support vehicle
  • Daily photos to capture your memories
  • Support vehicles provided every day - ride as much or as little as you please
  • Custom built support trailer for careful and safe carriage of your bike and luggage
  • Luggage transfer between your accommodation
  • UHF radio link between yourself and the support vehicle
  • Mechanical assistance and support (limited spares)
  • Tour guides - the owners of Mulga Bicycle Tours are with you every day


  • If you are not a Member you can still book by joining Bicycle NSW. Use our 20% discount code (Mulga20) to receive 20% off a new Bicycle NSW membership.
  • All Bicycle NSW Members receive a 5% discount on all our scheduled tours. Our 5% discount will cover the cost of your annual Bicycle NSW membership!
  • Return Transfer from Parkes to Canberra
  • Transfer back to the Forrest Hotel & Apartments in Canberra on Day 10 arriving in Canberra about 5pm
Don’t miss a truly amazing opportunity to experience an unforgettable scenic bicycle tour with a group of likeminded riders.
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Images: Courtesy Mulga Bicycle Tours

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