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Riding From The Heart

This year, Lloyd will be joining thousands of bike riders on Sunday, October 13 to cycle over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the 2019 Spring Cycle.   “I was born with a congenital heart defect called aortic stenosis. When I was younger it didn’t greatly hinder me physically. However, as I went through my teens and

Pedalling for Prevention

Did you know bike riding can help prevent infection? When a member asked us for an article on vaccination, and a reminder to stay up to date with shots, we turned up some surprising research. As our member pointed out, many riders are adventurous and love mountain biking, trail riding and challenges that can involve

10 Things For Your Bicycle First Aid Kit

Bike riding can be a fun and exciting activity, but sometimes accidents happen. Are you prepared and carry a first aid kit to help you or someone else when on your ride? If you do not have first aid qualifications, we recommend doing a course like this one with St John’s to prepare you for

Bike Riding and Type 1 Diabetes

For National Diabetes Awareness Week we’re taking a look at how to balance bike riding and type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease where the body mistakenly destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.  Insulin is a hormone is necessary to turn glucose into energy. Ten percent of people with diabetes have type

Ebikes v. Push bikes

Electric-assist bicycles (e-bikes) have changed the bike riding environment around the world over the last decade. Yet, a common notion that e-bikes are “cheating” often means people overlook them and ultimately do not reap the benefits. A recent paper published in the Transport Research: Interdisciplinary Perspectives Journal investigates the benefits of physical activity of e-bike

Riding for Health

Last year Alistair took up Love To Ride Challenge to integrate bike riding into his daily commute to the office.  It has helped him improve his fitness and mental health significantly. “I noticed my aerobic capacity has increased and the gruelling preseason football running wasn’t as hard to complete as it has been in previous

Healthy Intake

Good nutrition is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re powering through a challenging ride or looking for a range of other health benefits. Matt’s motivation to eat healthily is to keep fit get the best body possible. He focuses on eating a fairly balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and protein and avoiding empty carbohydrates

Check Yourself and Keep Riding

During Men’s Health Week we’re reminding men of the importance of regular health checks, and visiting the doctor if something does not feel right. This advice hit close to home when last year, a regular blood check for an unrelated matter showed up unusual thyroid results for one of our team members.  An ultra-sound and

Men’s Health Week

This Men’s Health Week (June 10-16), we are encouraging all men and boys to take a look at their health behaviours. We want all males to lead happy and healthy lives and that depends on looking after your physical and mental health, checking in with mates and taking steps to prevent problems.   One in

On the Side of Safety

Bicycle NSW is calling for all heavy vehicles to be fitted with side underrun protection.  Here’s what it means and why it matters. Side underrun protection devices look like rails fitted to the sides of heavy vehicles in the spaces between the wheels. According to the Australian Trucking Association: “Side underrun protection devices protect road