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During Men’s Health Week we’re reminding men of the importance of regular health checks, and visiting the doctor if something does not feel right.

This advice hit close to home when last year, a regular blood check for an unrelated matter showed up unusual thyroid results for one of our team members.  An ultra-sound and biopsy confirmed papillary cancer, leading to eventual thyroid removal.

“Bike riding was one thing that kept me on an even keel last year during treatment, and helped me retain my fitness,” said Bicycle NSW Advocacy Consultant, Ray Rice.

“I’m all better now, but if I hadn’t gone for that regular check-up, the outcome could have been very different,” said Ray.

“I wasn’t feeling sick at the time, but catching the problem early was a big part of having such a good outcome,” Ray said.

Ray’s experience is a good reminder to remind men to look after themselves by:

  • getting those tests done
  • following up results quickly
  • continuing to ride

And if you’re not sure what to do, why not have a chat with your General Practitioner to start a healthy habit?

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