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Over $270,000 was raised last week for Autism Spectrum Australia through their Ride for autism event. 

Riders of all ages and fitness levels were called to the challenge to pedal  towards a world where no-one on the autism spectrum is left behind. This year Chey joined the challenge as a small way of giving back to all the people who had helped her and her family.

Chey and her husband, Mat, started their family back in 2012 with their first son Bailey. In 2014, they welcomed baby Jack to the family but just before his second birthday he was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum and was completely non-verbal.

“We quickly received funding and started our journey with autism,” explained Chey. “Jack changed our life from that day, we started thinking about how much he would and could learn but it was us that learnt from him.” 

“We enrolled Jack into Aspect Vern Barnett School in 2018 and since enrolling, Jack is now very verbal, he understands emotions and has built amazing social skills.”

Chey has already raised an amazing $807 for this year’s Ride for autism by reaching out to her support network of family and friends. 

“I participated in Ride for Autism as a small way of giving back to all the people who have given to Jack and his journey over the years, I am forever grateful.”

Bicycle NSW team is participating in Ride for autism 2020 to build a more inclusive world for individuals on the autism spectrum. Get behind us today and help us make Autism Spectrum Australia’s mission a reality by making a donation to our team fundraising page here.

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