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Alex Greenwich MP, Member for Sydney, has written to the government to support our calls to change rule 74 to improve road safety.

What is rule Road Rule 74? 

One of the recommendations Bicycle NSW made to the NSW Stay Safe Inquiry Into Reducing Trauma on Local Roads was to change Road Rule 74 to give bicycle riders priority over cars at intersecting side streets

This change would help prevent crashes and reduce confusion for motor vehicle operators. It is especially important for dual direction cycleways, because drivers are not accustomed to looking both ways for bike riders, as these are relatively uncommon in NSW.

“We appreciate the consistent, proactive support for safe cycling by the Independent Member for Sydney,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Now is a great time for members all across NSW to write to, message, tweet to your MP to challenge them to support what you need,” said Bastien.

Bike Safety 

Bicycle NSW has written articles focused on safety issues, laws, enforcement and regulations in need of change and we’ve updated our website to make topics easier to find.  We recommend selecting an article on a topic you’re concerned about, sharing it with your MP and explaining why you need their support.

Almost every political party was represented at our Safety on Spokes campaign launch.  If your MP seems reluctant to act, don’t forget to remind them with the article and picture, of the strong cross party support for safe bike riding in NSW.

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