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Bicycle NSW is thrilled to announce our new partnership with eBike provider Lug+Carrie.

Through the partnership, Bicycle NSW Members in Lug+Carrie operating areas in Sydney will receive a 50% discounted subscription to an 8-week trial service.

This fantastic offer includes; free delivery, service pickups and drop offs, possession until it’s unsubscribed or bought, repairs, maintenance and insurance and hassle free cancellation with no fixed contracts*

Bicycle NSW CEO Peter McLean and Thomas Treloar from Lug+Carrie discussed the range of e-bikes in the Sydney store recently. (Photo: Bicycle NSW)

The partnership is a great way to support a cultural and behavioural shift towards mainstream bicycle use.

Bicycle NSW CEO Peter McLean says of the partnership: “We believe that making bike riding more accessible is a key factor in creating a more sustainable NSW. We’re pleased to partner with Lug+Carrie to help spread this message.  Encouraging mainstream bicycle use is at the centre of all that Bicycle NSW does."

Really looking forward to getting to more places, further afield.

Bicycle NSW advocacy work supports Better Streets for walking, wheeling and cycling and the transformative change away from car use. Swapping just one 5km trip per day from driving to cycling for 200 days of the year saves half a tonne of CO2.

“We are really looking forward to getting to more places, further afield, more often. And they’re a sweet ride!” says Peter McLean. “We will work closely with Lug+Carrie to make e-bikes a popular, healthy and fun alternative to driving most places.”

Bicycle NSW CEO Peter McLean and Thomas Treloar from Lug+Carrie discuss which model from the Tern
e-cargo bike range to take for a test ride. (Photo: Bicycle NSW)

Small wheels provide a low centre of gravity that aids balance, so the Tern bikes feel very safe and comfortable

Intrigued by this cheap-to-run and increasingly stylish option of green transport, Bicycle NSW Head of Advocacy, Francis O’Neill decided to road-test one. “The weekly subscription will cost you less than a tank of fuel. Once people get on them, they won’t believe how comfortable and relaxing it is and how safe it feels. Not to mention the sense of well-being you have knowing you are doing something so good for our environment and future generations,” he said.

“Tern makes top-of-the-range e-cargo bikes. Although the bikes may look heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, their small wheels provide a low centre of gravity that aids balance, and they’re much lighter than we’d imagined,” said Francis.

Bicycle NSW Head of Advocacy Francis O'Neill (right) preparing to take a Tern HSD for a test ride.
(Photo: Bicycle NSW)

It's not just that petrol is so pricey. Driving is also incredibly bad for our environment. Parking and traffic can impact our mental health. Alternatives like public transport or even cycling for some aren’t always ideal. So, it makes sense that Lug+Carrie e-bikes could be the answer.

“Our Members are keen bikers and we hope that our partnership with Lug+Carrie will attract new Members and encourage existing Members to bike more often,”  Peter McLean said.

Over 1,200 Tern GSD, HSD and Quick Haul e-cargo bikes rented since 2020!

Since Lug+Carrie opened for business in 2020, more than 1,200 people have rented one of their Tern GSD, HSD and Quick Haul e-cargo bikes.  There are optional accessories that carry passengers of all ages, a week's load of groceries and even dogs.  These bikes are serious car-replacement machines that are also great fun to ride.  A very high proportion of riders who trial the bikes get hooked on the e-bike lifestyle, and women are leading the charge.  For stories about the impact a Lug+Carrie bike has on family life, check out the company blog.

More information about the Bicycle NSW Lug+Carrie offer can be found HERE.

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