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Last year Alistair took up Love To Ride Challenge to integrate bike riding into his daily commute to the office.  It has helped him improve his fitness and mental health significantly.

“I noticed my aerobic capacity has increased and the gruelling preseason football running wasn’t as hard to complete as it has been in previous years,” said Bicycle NSW, CEO Alistair Ferguson.  

Recording each 20km journey for the corporate challenge eventually shifted to become a personal challenge to see how far he could ride each week.  

“As club footy preseason training increased, I had to reduce the commuting kilometres to avoid overexertion. It's really about finding that perfect balance,” said Alistair.

The most enjoyable part of the commute for Alistair was knowing he had ticked off his daily exercise quota.  

“My journey to work by bike wasn’t that much longer than taking public transport, meaning I could enjoy more quality time with family and friends in the evening,” explained Alistair.  

This Men’s Health week why not encourage a mate to join you on your commute – whether to work, Uni, the shops or on the school run?


Join in the challenge this Men's Health Week:

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