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Good nutrition is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re powering through a challenging ride or looking for a range of other health benefits.

Matt’s motivation to eat healthily is to keep fit get the best body possible. He focuses on eating a fairly balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and protein and avoiding empty carbohydrates and added sugars.

The key to success with nutrition, and achieving your goals, is consistency. The odd chocolate, bad meal, or beer isn’t so bad if your nutrition is good most of the time.

“Good nutrition has made a difference for me. When I eat well I have more energy, I feel content and more positive about myself,” said Bicycle NSW Membership & Marketing Coordinator, Matt Napier.

“I perform better when I know I am eating well.  I feel more confident knowing that I am putting my best foot forward” said Matt.

Looking at the list, the one thing Matt identified to focus on this week was his water intake.  Drinking around 2 litres of water a day helps, the brain, kidneys, blood pressure, skin and it helps regulate body temperature.

Taking up good nutrition could be as enjoyable as inviting a mate over for a healthy meal, or volunteering to pack the snacks for the next ride your group takes.


Join in the challenge this Men's Health Week:

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