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Freedom on  a bike

For children with a disability, riding a bike provides them with social interaction, confidence and a sense of freedom. 

Twelve year old Cyrus is on the Autism Spectrum, which impacts his balance, making it very difficult for him to ride a two wheel bike safely.  After trying a standard bike with training wheels which buckled because of his size, Freedom Wheels came to the rescue.

A custom made bike for Cyrus giving him the freedom to ride

A clinic was held at Cyrus’ school, where he was able to ride a bike by himself safely for the very first time. 

After this, Freedom Wheels built a custom made bike for Cyrus. It was fitted with a larger seat, special outrigger wheels and foot cups to support his riding position, balance and coordination.

Freedom on a custom made bike

Due to the help of Freedom Wheels Cyrus can now ride up and down the street with his brothers, as well as to school. 

It’s really helped to build his confidence, he’s so proud when he’s on his bike. It’s something special that’s just his,” says Anna, Cyrus’ mum.

Freedom Wheels builds bikes for anyone living with a disability, who can't ride standard bikes. You can find out more about their amazing work and their bikes here

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