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National Ride2School Day is this Friday 24 March and is a good reminder of some of the important considerations when riding to and from school.

Being a safe rider can help:

  • decrease traffic and noise pollution
  • decrease our carbon footprint through a reduction in carbon emissions
  • reduction in energy use
  • encourage physical activity
  • provides a great opportunity for supervising adults to have a conversation about road safety with their child.

Here are some of Bicycle NSW’s handy tips for a safe and easy bicycle ride to school for your family each and every day.

Riding is a great way for kids to get in some fun and exercise before school. However, there are some important steps to be completed before every ride.

A – Air
B – Brakes
C – Chain

Download the Bicycle NSW Bike Safety Checks Guide for more details HERE


If your child can't ride a bike, we have some important tips HERE to get them started.

We recommend you help them practice riding around the local park and along the route to school.  Point out potential hazards they may discover and encourage them to find some too.

Younger children like to concentrate on pedalling and steering rather than the environment. This includes hazards, speed, distance and direction of sound.


Children under 16 years can legally ride on a footpath in NSW with adult supervision. However, they must dismount to cross child and/or pedestrian crossings, along with traffic lights.

Bicycle NSW's Helping Teach Kids How to Be Safe When Riding a Bike guide is a great tool to help you talk through safety, laws and hazards with children. This includes the type of clothing to wear, hazards to be aware of, and where to ride.


If you are unsure about where your child can park their bike during the day check in with the school. If your child has not ridden to school before maybe take time out on a non school day to avoid the rush.  Gauge how long it may take and point out any potential risks or hazards along the route.

Join the Ride, Walk or Scoot to School this National Ride2School Day

Last year students across Australia saved 28 tonnes of CO2 by riding to school, this is equal to planting 195 trees.  If that was every day we could save 5,600 tonnes of CO2 which is equal to planting 39,000 trees.

If you are interested in joining the 400,000 students expected to ride, walk or scoot to school this National Ride2School Day check out some of the helpful quick tips from our friends at Better Streets HERE.

By using the tips in this article your family will not only ride to school safely and confidently but, you will also be helping your school get involved in Ride2School Day and encourage more kids to walk, ride or scoot to school.

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