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Bike riders go where great facilities are available, and the numbers are in for Fernleigh Track showing increased usage.

Smart meter counts users of the Fernleigh Track

Over the past two months that the Delta lockdown has applied in Lake Macquarie, cyclist and pedestrian usage of the Fernleigh Track and other shared pathways has increased by 50%.

 Smart Meters

The Fernleigh Track is monitored by smart meters that have been installed near the Whitebridge entrance, and they show that between the 21st May and the 21st July, an average of 367 pedestrians and 823 cyclists used that section of the former rail corridor daily on weekends.  Between the 21st July and the 21st September, that increased to 569 pedestrians and 1225 cyclists – an increase of 55% and 49% respectively.

Even larger increases in usage were recorded by the Glendale smart meter with weekend daily usage up 160% for pedestrians and 76% for cyclists.  It is also pleasing to hear that increased maintenance requests as usage rises are being dealt with.

“This smart technology backs up what we have been hearing anecdotally and seeing for ourselves,” Manager Asset Management Helen Plummer said. 

“Demand for outdoor exercise spaces, particularly along our shared pathways, is at unprecedented levels during the COVID lockdown.” 

Bicycle NSW applauds the additional work set to start on the final stage of the Speers Point to Glendale shared path, and the extension to the southern section of the Fernleigh Awabakal Shared Track, which will link the Belmont end of the Fernleigh Track to Blacksmiths.  It has been great to see more investment in this facility, and that it is generating greater usage.

For more details and to plan your ride in Lake Macquarie, check out the Council’s website.

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