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The next few days are an opportunity to celebrate love and kindness. Valentine’s Day has its origins in the 6th century B.C. pagan Lupercalia celebration which was adopted into the Christian context as a celebration of St Valentine – a Roman priest who conducted secret marriages in defiance of Roman Emperor Claudius II.

Hands making a heart at sunset

These days Valentines Day can be an opportunity to celebrate romantic love, but why miss the chance to tell friends and family you love them too?  From giving flowers and cards to class-mates and friends, through to taking time to recognise the volunteers, coaches and organisers who make your riding group or BUG work smoothly – why not share some love?

It doesn’t stop there.  February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day in Australia and New Zealand, where we’re all encouraged to start making kindness the norm in our daily lives.  From paying a compliment, to sending a text to re-connect with a friend or letting someone merge into traffic ahead of you.

The last few months have been tough on many people in NSW so we’d love you to help us lift the mood.  We’d love you to share with us how you’re going to celebrate – whether it’s a romantic ride for two, a bunch of flowers, cakes at the office, or a special surprise to recognise someone you really appreciate.

And we’re doing our bit by sharing the love this weekend. We’re offering all new Bicycle NSW Memberships, four months free. If you purchase this weekend, you can pay for a 16 month Membership for the price of 12. Find out more here.

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