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Rat Pack Cycling Club started with a group of time poor parents, and caters to adult riders wanting to share a laugh and work up a sweat without committing to a gran fondo every weekend.

It’s their focus on family that sets them apart. They regularly hold post ride BBQ’s for the families of their Sydney Members, and have created a kids line of apparel and merchandise so that the Big Cheese’s (adults) and Little Cheese’s (kids) can share in the fun off the bike as well.

Founded in Sydney by three young fathers - Michael, Stephen and Ben, the Rat Pack was a good way to socialise, keep fit and explore the city they lived in.

“We consider our members as extended family, so we take an active interest in each other’s lives - whether that be work, family or other hobbies and interests. There is more to people than their shiny new bike or flashy kit - and although these things are nice, there is more to life,” Michael told us.

The Rat Pack wants people to reconnect with the reasons that got them in to cycling in the first place - the fun, the conversation, the coffee and the endorphins. They believe whether you get to your destination first or last is irrelevant.

The Rat Pack caters to all skill levels and their rides vary in distance between 20-100km.


If you would like to find out more about the Rat Pack Cycling Club, or register your interest to join or create a ‘chapter’, click here.

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