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This is the season for bike infrastructure development, and Councils need you to support their work.

Bicycle NSW has shared a range of opportunities to ‘Have your say’ and provide feedback on Council plans for bike infrastructure. In post election season and nearing the end of the financial year, councils are keen to spend the money in their budgets provided by the state government.  

We strongly encourage you to ‘show councils some love’ by providing feedback and suggestions on plans.  

Even if there is nothing you want changed about the plan, let the council know you support it.  

People who want to stop the development of bike infrastructure will be making their voices heard as loudly as they can  Your silence can mean councils think you do not care, or it is easier to cancel the project. Northern Rivers Rail Action Group have been vocal against the Northern Rivers Rail Trail, locals have been against the Randwick bike route and more recently Woollahra Council is experiencing local backlash.   If you want bicycle infrastructure in your area, speak up during the consultation period.

Bicycle NSW does it’s best to help with comment, advice on design and sharing information but democracy is a ‘numbers game’.  If Councils hear more voices against safe cycling than for it, they have to listen.

“We encourage everyone to share their support for local bike infrastructure with Councils, and to let friends know so they can join in,” said Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender.

Bicycle NSW is constantly sharing “Have your say” surveys from councils across NSW. Make sure you like us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date.

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