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This week is Women’s Health Week and this year’s theme is movement.

Happy female rider looking back over shoulder

Across NSW bike riding is one way women and girls can stay active and travel to work, education, the shops and appointments in a COVID-safe way.  Juggling home-schooling, work, and all the current restrictions, can make it hard for some women to squeeze ride time for themselves.

Including more bike riding in a week

At Bicycle NSW our Chief Financial Officer has to attend the office to collect mail, and she travels around 17km each way on her e-bike, and our Bike Planner rode around 30km each way to keep her recent vaccination appointment.  Our Graphic Designer got out on her bike with family for exercise over the weekend, and after a local hill-climb to the hardware store, our General Manager of Public Affairs loaded her panniers up with plants and potting mix for some spring gardening.

This week we encourage members and confident riders to reach out to a female friend or family member and arrange a COVID-safe ride together.  Sometimes riding with a friend who can show you the best route can really help increase confidence, and of course riding with a friend is more fun.

“There are loads of ways to include more bike riding in your week to celebrate Women’s Health Week,” said Bicycle NSW Graphic Designer, Kirra Zhigunov.

“We encourage women and girls to help a friend or family member to join them for a ride and be more active,” said Kirra.

Don’t forget to share our riding resources if you think your riding buddy this week could use them. Be sure to follow the NSW Government restrictions for your area and look out for your family and friends.

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