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COVID-19 has restricted many normal activity options for families. As we’re big bike fans, we’ve got 5 ideas to entertain your kids with a bike.

1. Go For a Ride

Kids With A Bike

Yes, you’re still able to get out and about on a bike. It can be a great way to get some fresh air and help the kids expel some energy. Our advice to ride only with family members in your household to align with the government’s advice.

Extra tips: 

Why not try a scavenger hunt? You can use ours here.

2. Easter Bike Parade

Children decorating a bike

Many kids would have missed out on the Easter Hat Parade at their school, so why not have an Easter bike parade at home? There are many printable easter eggs and other Easter inspired images for children to decorate. Plus they can pull out their toys to add to the decorations on their bike too. 

We don’t recommend going to the shop for decorations, instead get creative with what you’ve got at home. Make it a fun challenge for the kids and get their inspiration flowing. 

We’d love to see some photos so if you post them online, don’t forget to tag us at @bicyclensw 

Extra tips:

Use whatever you have at home, paint some cardboard eggs or bunnies. Decorate with balloons and streamers. Be creative with what you have! If your child doesn’t have a bike, why not let them decorate yours? Why not set a time limit to make it even more of a challenge? 

3. Basic Bike Skills

With some extra time up your sleeves, it could be the perfect time to teach your children (and maybe yourself) some simple bike checks and maintenance. Before every ride we encourage all riders to do a simple ABCDS check  That’s: 

A - Air
B - Brakes
C - Chain
D - Drop
S - Saddle 

4. Bike Clean

A little bit of dirt doesn’t hurt your bike, a clean doesn’t hurt it either! 

A good wash of the frame and some cleaning of the mechanical parts of your bike, and it will look like new. 

5. Bike Games

Bikes are versatile and can be used for games and imaginative play.  Why not set up an obstacle course so your children can challenge each other (and you) to see who has the best bike skills?  A few spare shoes or toys can be repurposed for a slalom course. You can increase the challenge by having riders cycle whilst carrying a toy or full cup of water that they can’t drop if they want to win.  

If you have access to trails and more challenging terrain, the full cup of water challenge is a great skill challenge game that (low key) encourages children to ride with greater care.


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